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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

My Pets

My first dog is named Chichi, she was given to me as a baby, literally. Chichi is a Japanese Spitz. She was born November 7, 2005. I am the one who really took care of her since she was a puppy. I feed her milk through dropper. She grew up beautiful and really sweet. She is playful and always happy to see me whenever I come home. She is used to sleeping with me as a puppy until the house was renovated and the floors inside my room is not suitable for dogs, so she stayed outdoors where she liked better as she always see other things going around. 

Chichi is afraid of going out of her comfort zone so whenever she escapes her cage, she always runs for the main door and sleeps on the mat. She never goes out of our open garage.  

She got pregnant twice, first is I breed her into a pure Chow Chow and she had 5 cute puppies. Then for the second time, she escaped her leash inside the house and went to my sister's dog (also a Japanese Spitz) and found them back to back. She had 6 puppies then.

I never would thought I will be apart from her in a short time. She just died last December 26, 2014 after her successful surgery of removal of uterus. She suffered from pyometra since October 2014. She was cured and healthy again then the infection re-occurred at the end of November. and she had a seizure. Her body weakened after seizure and the infection gets worse so the veterinary risked operating on her than watch her weaken more. She woke up after anesthesia but fell asleep again and she looks drowsy. After the procedure, I think her body did not recover from the anesthesia or procedure. She died in our arms (my boyfriend and mine) after she coughed out and never breathed again. Chichi is my boyfriend and mine's first dog, we consider her our daughter. We got together August 2005 and we had Chichi in November. We are nine years together and she died 9 years old. We cannot imagine being separated from her so we had her cremated. She now rests inside our home.

Sorry if she is under the Christmas Tree in my photo, its her favorite spot to sleep on,

Recently, first week of January, Chichi's doctor asked us if we want to adopt dogs as she knows someone who wants her dogs adopted because they cannot take care of them anymore. On January 9, 2015, the dogs were delivered at home. They are old already and with names they are already used to but still happy in their new home. I got a two females - Shih Tzu and Chihuahua.

The name of the Chihuahua is Veniece and she is already 8 years old though the previous owner cannot remember her birthday. But we decided that both of the dogs' birthdays will be when they got them. She is not used to being pet but she started to warm up on us after one day. She now runs to the door when I got home. She loves to sleep on the pillow that we got for her.

The Shih Tzu's name is Jody. After she was delivered at home, she already feels like she has been in our house for so long. She is already sweet and warm. She is active and likes to play. The owner cannot remember her age and birthday but they said she is definitely younger than Veniece. I think she is around 5 years old more or less. 

So ever since my Chichi died, I earned two new dogs to love for free. I love them already! Its a different feeling loving pets that did not grow old on you because its like a fulfillment when they warmed up on me instantly.

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