7/365: Describe What I Wear Today

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Describe What I Wear Today

Earlier today, I wore my net shirt that I got from Jhajing. If I can remember it correctly, it was around 500php, more or less. It has a "Boy London" printed at front. Even though the shirt is fitted, it feels light and cool. My black cammisole is from Uniqlo that I got from my mother as she sent it from abroad. I have no idea how much she got it. 

The pants that I am wearing is a denim jeggings and the shiny black sequined beanie on my head are both from Forever 21. 

My black shoes with black ribbon are from Aldo. 

This is my second photo of OOTD. I am not comfortable posing with what I wear. This is all for my blogging challenge. :)

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