3/365: My Earliest Memory

Saturday, January 3, 2015

My Earliest Memory

This challenge is a bit hard for me, there are so many memories coming into my mind when I was a kid but I cannot seem to point the earliest I can remember. But I think the earliest memory I can remember was when I was sick with something. 

I remember getting hungry and I was asking for my milk and my mother gave me my bottle but I remember tasting that it is not milk. The room is dark and only lit with a lamp so I cannot see what is inside the bottle but I remember it was bitter and warm to touch. I remember I always cry and throw the bottle away.

Now that I am a pediatric nurse, I feel like my sickness before is Acute Gastroenteritis and my mother used to try to give me tea for my meal which is good for an upset stomach.

What is your earliest memory? Care to share? 

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