2/365: Photo of Myself and 10 Random Facts About Me

Friday, January 2, 2015

A Photo of Myself and 10 Random Facts About Me

My Selfie

This is my Day 2 entry for the 365 days blogging challenge. Its fun answering this survey!

1. I can sleep anywhere anytime!

2. I am a hoarder. (LOL...)

3. I don't enjoy drinking alcohol beverage drinks.

4. My comfort food is spaghetti! (Yes, I can eat spaghetti everyday!)

5. I don't want to be late, punctuality is a great importance for me. I go to work early, that is why most of the times I am irritated when I need to meet someone and they are late...LOL.

6. I love books.

7. I do not have any training for writing and doing makeup.

8. I am the youngest among my siblings in our family.

9. I am a horrible cook.

10. I am a practicing Neonatal-Pediatric ICU Nurse.

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