4/365: A Photo Of Me And My Friends

Sunday, January 4, 2015

A Photo of Me and My Friends

The people I am with in this picture are the friends I consider as my partner in crimes. Not literally though LOL. We love making jokes, have the same temper, loves makeups and anything related in between, we also enjoy eating and so on. 

This challenge is difficult for me at first because I consider my family as my close friends too and I have my boyfriend who I consider as my best friend. But I gave it a deep thought and the challenge particularly said "A photo with your friends" - and they are the people that first came into my mind. 

I spent 4 solid years with them at work until I was assigned to a different area. But the four years (and counting) that I spend time with them makes it worthwhile. Watching the two of them get married and have a baby feels like a lifetime of spending time together. (cough...cough, me and my other friend in this picture are still single...cough! Can't wait for our turn, LOL) 

My best friend, Peachy is also included in this picture. She is present in one of my blog post about a review in a spa place called Princess Hazel Salon and Spa. 

Though being apart from them in a daily basis is hard, catching up with them gives the bonding time more important. Hopefully, I could go have a date with them soon, if our shifts at work will allow. 

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