1/365: My Hopes, Dreams and Plans For 2015

Thursday, January 1, 2015

This challenge is from the author of The Sassy Architect (Just click the link to go to her website for complete list of challenges). I tend to procrastinate in writing blog posts for my website so I want to do this challenge so at least I will have one post everyday. I really wish I could finish it by December 31, 2015. 

For the year 2015, I want so many things and yet I cannot focus on one. I guess I will just have to share a short list of my plans and hopes as well as my dreams to make it simple. 

I do not have photos together with my hopes, dreams and plans so I just replaced it with what I find in Google.

My dream for the year 2015 is to be a known blogger and be a makeup artist (I even have a piggy bank for savings for future enrollment at Makeup Academy - my dream school). I always wanted to meet more people and be exposed to what I can learn more. Most of the time, I do not know if even someone reads my post but I just love to share anything related to beauty and life. I really dream I can make it far this year.

Photo not mine, just got it from Google

I plan to be financially stable. Its broad but all it entails is I want to pay off all my purchases in my credit cards and cut it off. I want to open a new bank account for savings as well as time deposit so I will not be able to use it and just let the money grow. I also want to earn more besides my work and small online business. I decided I want to grow my business. Most of all, I want to cut back from my expenses. I actually started doing it by cutting off my portable Wi-Fi connection in this last week of December. So hopefully, I will be able to accomplish all of this before the year ends.

Photo not mine, just got it from Google

Hope... I have a lot of hopes for this year. First, I really hope I can be with my mother soon in United States. I grew up without her since she started working there to provide for me and my siblings and I wanted to be able to reciprocate soon so she could relax. With my salary here in the Philippines as a nurse, it makes it impossible.Working there will help providing for the household more and be a I know I can be a better blogger there with so many opportunities. 

Photo image not mine, just got it from Google

I think this is enough for my hopes, dreams and plans for the year 2015. Its fun answering The Sassy Architect's 365 challenge, join the game too! I am interested to hear yours. Do not hesitate to share it by commenting below! Have a great first day of the year everyone!

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