Benefit: Cheeky Sweet Spot

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Product Review: Benefit's Cheeky Sweet Spot

For the first time ever, Benefit generously released a limited edition of blushes for their Holiday Collection. It is just not an ordinary blush set, it is a box full of all their best blushes! A complete palette in just one can! Can you imagine the drool that I released when I saw the teaser for this Holiday Collection? Right away, I reserved a box of two (one for my sister) and I cannot wait until I got my hands on it. 

It was first released in the United States before it was released in the Philippines. It costs $36 while here in the Philippines it costs 1900php. I just got it last November 3, 2014 as it was first released in the Philippines. I don't care if my wallet will be broken by buying this, I JUST WANT IT!

The design of the palette is like a gingerbread house, - complete with roof, windows and door, as well as sweets. It is so cute, it even comes with a sign at the back that says "Please enter around the front" - just in case you try opening it from the back. The box's back is different though, it consists of a visual of what is inside. The packaging of my purchased item is sturdy and adorable with the black ribbon as its handle. I can recycle this box for future use.

Usually blushes from Benefit starts at 1600php and weighs around 8g. This palette consists of 6 blushes (weighing 5g each), a brush and a highlighter. So I got the blushes almost on their full size. Its amazing!

The top of the blushes has a protective plastic lid that has labels of what is included. Even though if you will remove the protective lid, the name of the blush is still engraved into the powder. There is also a separate protective covering for the brush. A small instructions of what you can experiment on with all the blushes is also included inside the box. (I was not able to take a picture of the small instructions)

So now, what exactly is included inside the palette? There are 6 powder blushes namely Dandelion, Bella Bamba, Sugarbomb, Hoola, Coralista, and Rockateur. There is one highlighter included and it is Watt's Up.

Let me now share my whole review and swatch and let us take a quick recap. I am  still thinking if I will post a separate review for each blush but for now let me just share a quick review to all of it.

Brand: Benefit

Type: Cheeky Sweet Spot Holiday Limited Edition

> Hoola 5g
> Dandelion 4g
> Coralista 5g
> Bella Bamba 5g
> Rockateur 5g
> Sugarbomb 6g
> Watt's Up 1.5g

Product Description: Box of Blushes. It's a blushin' blockbuster! For the first time ever, our famous box of powders are all together in one cheeky spot.

Ingredients: Differs for each kind of blush

> Scent is really nice, just open the box and you can smell the sweet scent
> Complete palette in one box
> You can play around with all the different shades of the blush

> Some blushes needs more layers as it is not that pigmented (for example the Sugarbomb and Bella Bamba)
> The packaging is a little heavy (I think it is made of tin, it is like a can)


Buy again? 100% (I would hoard if I could)

Overall Rating: 5/5

Price: 1900php

Where to buy? Benefit stores, I got mine in Trinoma Branch


  1. Wow! thanks for the share *drool* .. now I'm itching to get my hands on that set! :)

  2. Hi! @Vergie M., you got to hurry because there are limited supplies so go to your nearest branch now. :)

  3. 1900 sis as in 1900?
    haha di makapaniwala eh noh? as in ganyan ang packaging et al? pwede na! i like!!!

  4. Hi sis Aci, yes tumataganting na 1900php lol... pero sulit, kaya go na! :)


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