Unboxing My 6th Saladbox: Exclusive Flawless Products

Monday, November 3, 2014

Unboxing My 6th Saladbox: Exclusive Flawless Products

This box is for the month of September and October but counted only as one month subscription so the plan I subscribed will not be affected. Its hard to keep track of the month you are receiving for the Saladbox because most of the time they are delayed. But the boxes arriving in my home is worth it although BDJ has more items compared to Saladbox. 

I was delighted that I received a box with full sizes of Flawless items inside as well as vouchers. Want to know in details of what I got? I got 5 items including the vouchers.

1 piece Cell Booster Daily Cleanser - 700php
1 piece Cell Booster Day Cream - 750php
1 piece Cell Booster Night Serum - 1,050php
1 voucher of either free facial or waxing - 700php
1 voucher of Gold Peso Discount Voucher - 500php

Total Worth of Items that I got: 3700php

I got more than what I paid for 333php monthly subscription. Try Saladbox now, sometimes they offer past boxes if it is still available. 

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