Top 5 Whitening Products For A Filipina

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Top 5 Whitening Products For A Filipina Like Me

Being able to whiten the skin whether if its facial or body is one of the most intriguing problem of Filipinas. This may be seem weird to others since some people like their skin to be tan or darker. That is why you can always find almost all of the products in the Philippines contains whitening ingredients. 

For me, I also want to achieve whiter and brighter skin as I feel that it can make me appear more radiant and healthy. But not extreme enough to take oral medications or IV injections. Although its in my head to try the IV injections since I am a nurse and I know that it is really effective as seen on my co-workers.

I have a few favorites of whitening products that I can share with you. I chose at least 5 items that I find effective. 

1. Whitening Gel

I love whitening gels since it is non greasy and most of the time you can use it anywhere in your body. I used Gluta-C Underarm and Bikini Skin Whitening Gel on my underarms, elbows. I noticed skin lightening on my elbows and underarms after finishing one tube. Full review on this link: Gluta-C

2. Whitening Deodorant

Whitening deodorant is a must for every person. Deodorants can cause discoloration on underarms that is why I know that I must use deodorants that contain whitening ingredients. I tried so many whitening deodorants and I can't believe that a local brand from Philippines will be the most effective to me. Godiva works its wonders. I may not yet achieved the whitening I want but it definitely improves the darkening of skin. Full review on this link: Godiva Deodorant

3. Whitening Intimate Wash

Yes, there is a whitening intimate wash. The Priva is a new line from Unilab. Its my new favorite whitening intimate wash. It is gentle and does not cause any dryness. It has a ph-balanced formulation that gently cleanses and helps protect against itching and bad ordors. The Priva contains Glutathione and natural strawberry extract to lighten the skin. Besides Glutathione and strawberry extract, it also contains RevitaCool for a cool and refreshing feeling every wash. It is clinically tested and safe to use every day! Full review to be posted soon!

4. Mud Masks

There are certain mud masks that promises no whitening effect but you can see a brightening result instead. For me, brightening is also like whitening and I love that it makes my skin look radiant. I tried the Glamglow Youthmud and after just one use, you can see a difference. Full review link here: Glamglow

5. Dark Spot Corrector

Admit it, there are certain areas in our face that seems to be a spot darker than the entire skin that can be a major disaster just to fix it. Before, I did not know that I can use a spot corrector to whiten certain spot that is darker. Now, this Celeteque Brightening Dark Spot Corrector is always included in my nightly routine. Whenever I have dried pimples, pimple scars, I apply this and it did help in lightening the dark spots. I apply this first and let it be absorbed before putting on my moisturizer. Full review link here: Celeteque


  1. I'm actually morena but prefer to stay this way. I don't wanna have a fairer/whiter skin. Super common na nun haha. Anyway, I do want that Celeteque Dark Spot Corrector as I have some dark spots from acne :)

  2. Hi @Victoria! Yes, its common that girls nowadays are obsessed in getting whiter skin. You can try the Celeteque. :)


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