My Experience: Princess Hazel Salon and Spa

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

My Experience At Princess Hazel Salon and Spa

I am so excited to try the Princess Hazel Salon and Spa after seeing the trend on fellow bloggers and famous people like Ms. Jill Ngo - the Goddess of Belly Dancing. It was a good thing I got a gift card from Sample Room for free manicure and pedicure. 

I took my best friend with me to try the new salon and spa, specially since it is near to the hospital I am working from. The time that we went to the Salon and Spa, all services are on 40% off (So, YAY!!!) this made me put additional foot spa on top of my free manicure and pedicure. 

The Salon and Spa offers variants of services making it a one-stop shop. You can have your hair cut and colored while doing a hands and feet pampering. The salon and spa also offers facials, waxing, massages, body scrubs and even RF Slimming. Name it and they most likely have it.

The Princess Hazel Salon Hair and Spa is located at Pacific Century Tower Second Floor along Quezon Avenue in Brgy. South Triangle, Quezon City. 

The set-up of the place makes me feel like I traveled from a different era. I love the Royalty theme of the Salon and Spa. 

Upon entry, I was delighted to be greeted by Ms. Hazel herself as she is stationed on their front desk. The front desk has many products for hair and supplements that you can buy. At the side of the front desk, there is a lounge with a very nice gold chair that instantly makes me want to try to sit on it. But at that time, we were ushered right away inside for the services we availed. No waiting time needed, there are enough staff that accommodated me and my friend. The staff looks professional with their attires and that is great for me, some spa that I went to usually just wear shirts and pants in the same color, here they all wear formal black uniforms.


There is also a part inside that showcases accessories that are for sale.

My bestfriend, Peachy had her hair done so we were put in separate rooms. I stayed on the throne-like chairs for may foot-spa, manicure and pedicure. 

Peachy having her hair done in the other room.

The room she was on has a large vanity mirror complete with lights that is great for a makeup place. Maybe for small workshops. It also has a highlight of a black chandelier on the ceiling. This room is where they do hair related services.

Back to the place I am in. There are tables in between these throne-like chairs where the crowns and goblets you can use to feel like a true royalty are displayed. The crowns are detailed with gems and shines through the place. I can't resist to try wearing it. 

Sorry, I forgot to remove my bag. LOL.

In front of me are the stacks of nail polishes displayed and the stairs up to the area where the massages are being done as well as the RF treatments. 

There are so many polishes to choose from as well as different famous brands. It took me a long time just to choose what I want.

For the foot spa, my feet were soaked on warm water to soften my dry heels. Then my feet were scrubbed and cleaned. They managed to remove many dry skin from my feet. My legs and feet also experienced a short but relaxing massage. Then they proceed to do my nails. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to take more pictures because my hands were also being manicured. 

I am super happy, my feet feels soft and both my hands and feet looks neat with my new color of polish. My friend is also happy with her new hair do. 

Before we left the place, of course we had to take pictures using the crowns and goblets! They also gave me a loyalty card which you can present every visit. We enjoyed a lot in this place. Its a great place to bond and yet be pampered. Bring your friend, sister or even do a SPArty as they also allow it. For SPArties, just inquire ahead and schedule for an appointment.

The last time I checked, they re-stocked free manicure and pedicure in Sample Room. The Salon and Spa usually have promos even if you do not use Sample Room, just check it out! 

To check it on Sample Room, click link here: Sample Room's Princess Hazel Salon and Spa GC
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  1. I would surely recommend this post to my girlfriend,she'll definitely gonna like it.

  2. Yes, their services are really affordable too. :)

  3. You were really treated with Royalty here. This would be a great place to pamper yourself.

  4. How cute! I love the idea of a themed salon.

  5. They offer affordable services, you can try it :)

  6. Yes, thank you so much, you can recommend it to your family and friends. :)


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