Tips Before Having Your Nails Done

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Lesson Learned: Tips Before Having Your Nails Done In A Spa

I just want to share an experience and I hope it can be helpful to all of you. I love going to spa to get my nails done since I do not have time to do it myself. I did not have any problems at all for the years that I am doing this until just this month that I had encountered one. Just a note, I always go to reputable spas, I am scared of going to ordinary salons and spas. Apparently, even though I go to reputable place, problems can still arise.

I usually let the staff remove any potential ingrown nails from my nail walls and grooves and even removing the cuticles. Are you aware to the common parts of a nail?

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Unfortunately, my skin developed an infection. At first I thought that there is an ingrown nail left on my toe. During the procedure, I felt a sting after cleaning the nails around the nail walls and grooves. The pain is instant and it is also gone quickly. I disregarded it. But a day after the said spa, I noticed my toe nail and skin swelling and redness also developed. I put on Bactroban Ceam (Anti-bacterial topical cream) over it first because I assumed that there is a wound somewhere that I did not noticed. There is no pain after the cream was absorbed so it means that I do not have an open wound. 

I observed it for a few more days, it did not worsen but it did not improved either. There is also pain every time my swelling toe is touched or bumped into. Shoes also causing pain when worn. So I opted to have the surgeon in my work check it out. He taught that maybe there is an ingrown nail left or the one who did it to me did not completely removed a nail thus irritating my skin more. he suggested to removed at least a portion of my nail. I panicked! I begged him to give my nail a chance to recover by itself (no to surgeries please). He agreed and gave me antibiotic instead. He prescribed Clindamycin (Dalacin C) oral antibiotics. Clindamycin are antibiotics usually prescribed by doctors when you have skin related infections. In case the antibiotics did not work in one week, then I do not have a choice but have a portion of my nail removed. After the check up, I immediately bought and started my medication, so afraid of complications. 

Just a reminder, if your doctor prescribed you with Clindamycin, you should take it with full stomach, it can cause  gastric irritation as it is a strong antibiotic.

After three days of taking the antibiotic, I noticed improvement on my toe. The swelling subsided a little and it does not hurt as much when touched.

After 7 days of taking the antibiotic and returning for follow up. The swelling and redness is gone. In conclusion, the part where the nail was removed is infected. Look in the picture below on how it improved.

What advices did I get from the good doctor?

1. Do not remove "ever" the nails on the walls or groove as ordered by my doctor. As well as the cuticles - Cuticles is also a protection of our nails and should not be removed. Removing of ingrown nails can cause more problems according to him.

2. If ever you still want your potential ingrown nail to be removed, bring your own sterilized nail kit.

3. If in doubt and you feel that you have a possible wound, put an antibiotic ointment right away. Prevention is better than cure.

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I hope my article can help you a lot. I do not want others to experience what I had experienced. I do not want to cause any gross feelings from you by looking at the photos of my feet nor do I want to scare you from going to spas. But I just want to share to you all girls to just be careful. Have a great day!


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  2. Thank you for finding my post informative. I really hope it could help out people who experiences this too. Wow, I will join your giveaway. I also have ongoing giveaway, you could try to join too! :)


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