My Experience: Spa 101

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

My Experience at Spa 101

I used to come here a lot and lately I remembered to come back here and post about my experience because I did not posted a review about this place before. My friends (who are also nurses) loves coming here because first, its near our work. Second, they really managed to get our feet soft and pampered. Last, the staff wears pink uniforms like we do at work and we find it cute. 

Its been awhile since my last visit and I am just sad to say that the place is not as maintained as before. The last time that I came here was last year, as my friends and I took one of our bride-to-be friend for a treatment day.

Old photo of my friends enjoying Spa 101

Upon entry, you can see the display of their nail polishes. They have limited supply but all are branded. Together with the nail polishes are the brochures of the services being offered.

Services Offered and Rates:

The packages has a separate list and I was not able to take a picture. The rates costs around 450 to 1350php depending on the package you want to get.

Back to my experience, the place is not as warm and as inviting as before. Its dark and the lights that highlights some parts are not opened. As you can see on the first picture above this post, the place is illuminated by orange lights before.

I chose the package which includes foot spa and pedicure. My feet were soaked with warm water and the basin contains smooth rocks that you can rub your feet into. (Check old photo below for what the wet area looks like).

Old photos of us enjoying Spa 101

After soaking of my feet, the staff proceed with removing calluses on my feet. I missed the times that before, they really took their time removing all the rough areas but now I estimated they only took 3 minutes per foot. Then they coated with my feet with some cream that smells like peppermint. I love the scent. The cream hardens a little and it was left on my feet for about ten minutes.

The cream was removed with a warm and wet towel, my feet feels refreshed and soft after the removal of the cream. They proceed with cleaning my nails. Even though I asked them to remove potential ingrown nails, they are experienced and I did not suffer any nips. 

My favorite part comes in every foot spa that I availed. Foot massage. My work really works up the muscles in my legs and feet as walking in long hours are part of my job as a nurse. Foot spa is really a treat for us. 

The nail polish that I chose (Sorry for the picture of my ugly feet... LOL but just want to share the nice shade of Orly Green Apple).

I chose three colors as my options for what to color my toe nails. Apparently, I decided to use the Orly Green Apple. If you like the other two colors, the shades are: Orly Basket Case and Diamond Strength 360 Diamonds and Rubies.

Its still a nice place to go to and the services are affordable but I wish they can renovate or at least maintain the paints and cleanliness of the area. The branch that I went to is the Timog branch of Spa 101.

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