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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

My First Blogapalooza Experience!

It was a good thing my friend invited me to attend this event and that it was also moved because I was able to register. This is my very first Blogapalooza experience and it was awesome.

The event was done last October 11, 2014 at SMX Convention in SM Aura, Taguig. I went there together with my friend Jing of Unfortunately, due to professional duties, we have to come there after 2PM. We arrived around 3:30 in the afternoon and there are a lot of people already inside. Thankfully the line for the registration is short.

I am so excited to fall in line under the Bloggers category. It was always been my dream to be included in a list of bloggers. There are 700 more or less bloggers who attended this event and I am so glad to be one of the 700! After signing up, I officially got my ID and an Eco bag with Blogapalooza logo printed on it. 

There's a separate door for entrance and exit which is a good thing to make it more organized. The first booth I saw upon entry is the View Park Hotel located in Tagaytay, They explained their affordable room rates (you can click the picture for larger view) and gave me a ballpen for souvenir. You can check their website here: View Park Hotel. They have a Facebook account but it is not yet active. You can follow them instead on Instagram. The account name is Viewpark Hotel. It is located at 3500 Calamba Road, Sungay East, Tagaytay City.

Located just at the back of View Park Hotel booth is the Dyson. The time that I went there, there are no people to promote their products so I moved to the next booth. I managed to get a brochure and they sell bladeless electric fans and vacuums.

Next to the Dyson is the new buffet restaurant by Vikings named Niu. The Niu set up is much more of a formal dining and the food being served looks intricate and more sumptuous. Rates for adults starts at 1,088php up to 1,388php depending on the day. Niu offers 50% off discount for senior citizens. That is so thoughtful of them.

The next booth is the My Shopping Box. They have a game wherein you will be given three balls and if you shoot at least one ball inside a hole, you are entitled to have one power bank. Unfortunately I am not lucky to win a power bank but I was given an eco bag instead for a souvenir. My Shopping Box is your solution if you want to go buy something abroad and you cannot ship it here directly. For more information, click link here.

I am well aware of Maxicare because it is an HMO usually used by patients in my work. It is one of the trusted and famous health card. Anyway, the booth has a fishbowl wherein you can pick a prize. I got a stress ball (I wish I had the teddy bear though. LOL). They handed out some brochures and contact numbers if interested to avail their plans.

This booth is from the, wherein they hire writers. They do not entertain others while there is an ongoing game. I forgot to go back at this place so I do not know what exactly their game is about. I managed to get a brochure and here is the link to their website:

Its very generous of S Merchandising Corporation to hand out snacks of Chips Ahoy Limited Editions in the event. 


I realized that I am on the food section part of the event because I got to the booth of House of Lasagna followed by Chips Ahoy. When I used to work out in Gold's Gym Centris, we eat a lot in this place. They have big servings and offers unlimited garlic breads when you dine in. In the event, they gave us a slice. The taste is still as great as I remembered. 

I am already full with the slice of Lasagna so I took my slice of Yellow Cab Pizza home. The flavors offered is Pepperoni and Cheese. I chose Pepperoni. Together with the pizza, Yellow Cab hands out caps and random stuff.

Going around the booths, I saw the Bioessence booth and I envy the current person being massaged. I do not know if it is for free because I was not able to ask as I have a short time limit to go around all the booths. I got a loot bah from them but it is only when I got home that I was so happy to see what is included inside my bag. Its a jar of balm cream and a gift certificate for a facial or massage service. I really want to use this service soon! 

The next booth that I got to is the Zion Wifi, but their activity is later for the night and I was not able to wait for it. Zion Wifi is about a company that helps businesses to be promoted more through wifi connection. If interested, you can check their webpage for more information: Zion Wifi

Next booth, the BrainFit Studio, now this made me interested. It can really help a lot to my work. Because I can recommend this place to my fellow doctors and patients. Brain Fit Studio is designed to accelerate learning experience with brain fitness. They help children to have advantage in better comprehension, better penmanship, longer attention span, higher self-esteem, faster learning and happier child. I got a voucher for 50% off of their fee. It costs around 7500php and with the voucher you are entitled to have 50% off. For more information, you can check their Facebook account here: Facebook


I am always intrigued to try the Blue Water Day Spa with its nearest branch near my home, the Tomas Morato Branch. They offer lot of services from facials, body treatments, scrubs, waxing and spa services. I got a brochure of their services and rates as well as a free notepad. I will post a separate post for the services and rates of the Blue Water Day Spa. 

In partnership with Blue Water Day Spa where I got the notepad from them as a consolation prize from doing the game of Chef's Noodle. Just shoot a ball in any of the cups and you will get a cap from Chef;s Noodle. I did not manage to shoot any of the cups. LOL. But I still managed to try their food and drinks they provided. 

AH Clothing store holds cute clothes and its not helping that I love pandas when I see their Panda jacket, I want it! They also sell Toothless plush. Follow them on Facebook: Link here

Max's booth gives away Gilas Tumblers. 

Are you aware of Fukuda appliances? I always see it on SM Department Stores and they have their booth here at Blogapalooza. You can be a member for free and you get to wait for your ID. The membership card gives you discounts on their appliances. 

Habitat is an organization in the Philippines that helps build houses for victims of earthquakes and typhoons in the Philippines, specially in Bohol and Leyte. I will post a separate post for the focus on Habitat.

I love going to Ace Water Spa and I am so excited to see that they have booth here at Blogapalooza. They have a game - a game with no one loses. I got a free mug from the game as well as some discount vouchers. Yay! Excited to use it soon.

Going around the event, I saw the booth of Zap - an application that you can download on Google Play or App Store. It works like SM Advantage Card where you can earn back cash through point system and use the earned points next time. Download it now. 


There's a new supplement that is for fighting stress by Sydenham Pharmacueticals. Its a milk protein capsules that are purely safe even for lactose intolerant people. They have a contest to pop a balloon through sitting, unfortunately I did not get any surprises because my balloon is empty.


There's a booth from Grab Taxi and they give away generous amounts of ballers and shades to bloggers. 

Canon has a free photo booth and I posted a picture with my good friend, Jing of They also gave us a photo book (like a scrapbook) that you can put your photos in under different captions.

Chooks To Go Booth has a set up for a interactive game. I tried it and I got a small prize. It was fun and I dared to try it. 


Just beside Chooks To Go, Krispy Kreme gives away a piece of donut but its not my day I guess, it already ran out when my friend and I went there.

At last I was able to meet Mr. Richard Mamuyac of AMPR. I had been a part of one of their campaign before but this is the time where I met him personally. They have a puzzle game and you get items from them after playing the puzzle.

I arrived to one booth where Slenda Slimming Capsules are being promoted. I used to take Slenda and find it effective but I cannot maintain it since it costs too much for me for maintenance.

Its so thoughtful and sweet for Sample Room to give a gift for their members. You can sit on their dresser and have a picture. 

For the highlight of my evening, I think me running out of luck in the previous games compensated it to the Flawless booth. You can register and like their account then get a chance to play the game. You will play a dart and hit a balloon and see if you managed to hit a zit. I did hit two zits and I also got a two set of prizes! Yay! Look at the picture of what I got. 

Now, these are some of the booths that I did not managed to interact with. Either there are too many people or the games and promos are over like for Jergens.



The random items that I got:

This is what the stage looks like, next time I will attend early to be able to listen to the program presentations. I really had a great time in Blogapalooza, next time I will schedule a vacation leave just for this day so that the day will have my full undivided attention. Thank you so much Blogapalooza and Our Awesome Planet for making this event happen!


  1. how lucky!! we wished there were more events like this near us!

  2. Hi! Thank you so much! I really love your blog, I will share it to my fashion lover friends! :)


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