My Bioessence Experience: Advanced Clarifying Facial With Eye Treatment and Diamond Peel

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Sharing My Experience With Bioessence

I never tried going to Bioessence before, specially I really had a bad experience with facials before from other beauty spa that I went to. Since then, I do not avail such services. But let me share to you my whole experience at the Bioessence that gave me a new insight for having facials. Before that though, let me tell you their brief history first. 

I knew Bioessence is a trusted derma clinic, slimming treatments and beauty spa place. They give their competent and high standards in service to us for already 20 years. They started as a beauty clinic chain with only 3 bed capacity. They are famous for having numerous choices of treatments as well as highly trained therapists. Currently, they have 50 branches nationwide. You can check their website at: Link to website. You can also contact them on their own vanity number, 0918-8-BEAUTY. Other contact numbers are 0923-3729910 and 374-6313. Follow them on Facebook for updates: Link to Facebook here

In celebration for their 20 years they offer 50% off on their selected services until October 31, 2014 so do not hesitate to try, they offer free consultation. 

During the Blogapalooza event, I got a Premium Pass voucher from Bioessence that I can avail service by choosing either a Stress Relief Back Massage or Beauty Break Facial. I gave it a lot of thought on what to choose, like I said, I had a bad experience with facials before. I opted give it a second chance and to try the Beauty Break Facial so I made an appointment the day before and luckily I am given freedom on when to avail it as long as its on their Monday to Friday range that you can avail their Premium Pass. The branch that I went to visit is the Viasayas Avenue Branch in Quezon City since its near my home. 

Today, I went there after 1PM and fortunately there are no other clients as of the moment so I am the first to have their full and undivided attention. The staff there immediately ushered me to a seat and gave me a glass of water with lemon. They are very courteous and I really feel welcomed by them when I arrived.  I was then seen and by Ms. Camille for my free skin consultation. 

The first thing that Ms. Camille let me do is to fill up some forms for medical histories, allergies and medicines that I am taking. Second, she used a machine to check my skin. I really believed that I have dry skin but I was wrong. I saw it by myself when I looked in the mirror inside the machine, my T-zone has open pores which means I have oily skin on my T-zone. Open pores attracts formation of black, white heads and pimples. Its the part that is at risk for acne. I am also sad to see that I already have many pigmentation and acne scars that can only be seen by ultraviolet light. For a second there, I thought that wearing foundation with sunblock is enough but according to Ms. Camille, wearing sunblock is really a must and should I wear it separately from any other regimen that I used daily. Seeing the effect of sun by myself wants me to wish that I could turn back time just so I could take care of my skin more. 

Let me give you an idea on what I saw inside the machine, it was like this photo I found in Google. It was a photo owned by Men's Journal with credits to How The Sun Sees You Video. Although Bioessence seemed to have advanced machine as it is divided by different colors. Orange for open pores. Black for pigmentation and acne scars. There are also other colors like white that I am not sure what it indicates. My eye bags can be seen more dramatically too.

Photo Image Courtesy of How The Sun Sees You Video

Anyway, back to my experience. Ms. Camille explained to me the difference of their Beauty Break Facial that I can freely avail or to upgrade my free service to the Advanced Clarifying Facial with Eye Treatment that she recommends that my skin needs. But she first explained that I need the strict regimen to use sun block to avoid creating more dark spots while sticking to the daily routine of cleansing, toning and moisturizing the skin can help keep the pores of my skin closed. For the eye bags, it was given that it will be natural to have it from my nature of work but it can be prevented by good sleep and lots of fluid.

So what is the difference of the Beauty Break Facial and Advanced Clarifying Facial with Eye Treatment? Beauty Break Facial costs 350php and the treatment includes relaxing and hydration of skin, extraction of blackheads and whiteheads, deep cleansing and ozone with anti-bacteria properties. The Beauty Break Facial lasts for 20 to 30 minutes. On the other hand, Advanced Clarifying Facial With Eye Treatments costs 1000php and the treatment includes anti-aging by firming the skin and lighten dark circles while protecting the natural moisture of the skin by using a collagen mask. It also includes preliminary massage, cleanse, tone, Oxygen Gommage peel mask with exfoliation, ozone with anti-bacteria, vacuum, extraction, high frequency laser, collagen mask, lifting massage and back massage. The Clarifying Facial lasts for 1 1/2 hour.

The Clarifying Facial is really tempting, specially I just had to pay only 650php for the upgrade so I definitely said yes that I will try it. So I waited a little while they prepare the room. The staff are very attentive as they even help me hand my clothes on the wall. 

They helped me get situated comfortably on their bed and even asked if the room temperature is too cold or hot for me. My comfort in their environment is a great factor to consider for the staff and I really appreciate it. 

The treatment started with cleansing and toning. I noticed that for every step of the treatment, my therapist does facial massage. The therapist put on an enzyme mask on me which I think is the Oxygen Gommage peel mask, it stings a little upon application but after it hardens on my skin, the sting was also gone. They left it for a few minutes for the mask to absorb the dead skin. After that, they gently removed the mask with warm towel. My face was also exposed to steam for a few minutes to soften my skin in preparation for the extraction. 

Sorry for the weird photo but I just want to share that the product on my face in this photo is the Oxygen Gommage Peel Mask. (I do not have other photos of me having the treatment because I was pre-occupied and cannot take pictures)

My bad experience from facials before is due the whiteheads and blackheads extractions. I do not like the feeling of being poked just to remove the deep whiteheads and blackheads. I was expecting to feel pain but I was surprised that Bioessence therapist is very gentle and it is like you can just feel a tugging instead of poking. In this non-traumatic experience of extractions, it now gave me the hope of continuing having facials. 

After extractions, my face was cleansed again and prepared for Diamond Peel (which was given by Bioessence for free). This is the second bad experience I had before by going to facials. The machine's laser was set too high from the facial spa I went to before and I felt pain for the Diamond Peel. I saw some sparks before while the stick touches my skin and I felt scared and promised myself I will never have it again. But I never experienced it in Bioessence. There is a slight sting but not painful. After that, I was given the collagen mask treatment for anti-aging and after the therapist peeled it off, I was given vitamins for moisture on my skin. 

I did not know if they forgot the back massage or it was already the massage that I got on my shoulders. Anyway, I am still happy with the treatment that I got. Its still a very nice pampering day for me. It changed a lot in my view regarding facials. I will definitely come back. 

My treatment ended with answering their service survey form and I am pleased to share that I have an enjoyable experience and I feel so happy from it. Thank you so much Bioessence for the Premium Pass. I hope you could try it too and find the nearest Bioessence Branch from you! 

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