Fairness And Flawless: Seaweed Slimming Soap

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Fairness & Flawless: Seaweed Slimming Soap

A Seaweed Slimming Soap - at first I was hesitant to try a slimming soap because I know that in order to be slim, you have to take extreme work-outs, gruesome dieting and maybe some medications and treatments. But then again, the curiosity in me to try something new made me grab one to try. 

Seaweeds are usually ignored by most people because it is just clumps like-dirt in form of an algae on seas. It is often used for medicinal (Specially to Chinese) and food ingredients. But for beauty junkies, seaweed is a gift from the seas. The seaweed is a plant rich in minerals and vitamins and anti-oxidants. 

This soap contains Bladder Wrack or Fucus vesiculous form of seaweed. This seaweed is rich in iodine, and most believed that it helps weight loss but no therapeutic claims and proven tests yet. Why does this researchers think this help for slimming? Because iodine is used to treat thyroid gland related problems and an inactive thyroid gland gives a person the tendency to gain weight. It messes up the metabolism.

But the usual effect of seaweed is to revitalize, repair, exfoliates and moisturize the skin. So why slimming? Because the seaweed helps in revitalizing and repairing our skin including detoxifying of fats and the vitamins and mineral contents of a seaweed opens up pores. Opening of pores partnered with the detoxification, it is somehow believed that it expels your fats. 

Here's my review of the seaweed soap:

Brand: Fairness and Flawless

Type: Soap

Weight: 100g

Formulation: Bar

Consistency: Solid


Target: Slimming

Absorption: Needs to be continuously rubbed on body before fully absorbed

> Contains coconut oil great for moisturizing - and it is a good moisturizing soap, it gave me a hydrated skin after use
> Seaweed is an anti-bacterial agent - so it helps my body purify with a shower after working in a hospital
> Seaweed contains anti-oxidants - helping my skin regenerate and detoxify
> Seaweed contains iodine and together with anti-oxidants  - it helps rid of fats (I only observed that I felt a warm and a tightening on my skin while on use. Specially on my thighs and stomach but no slimming noted)
> Organic

Cons: None noted

Try to use this soap with warm water, because seaweed treatments used on spas are usually paired in wrap-ups or warm environment. Maybe for helping your skin open its pores. No harm can happen if you will try it for better results.

As a nurse, always check for the expiration dates! And if it is DTI or BFAD approved.

How to use and Contraindications:

Buy again? 100% (Good replacement for a regular soap)

Price: 125php

Where to buy? Facebook page link


  1. I've tried this, cleansing okay, slimming? not for me. :(

  2. I cannot really measure if there is a slimming chance that happened but my skin felt firm and tight.


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