L'Occitane Promo: Overnight Stay at Hotel Celeste

Friday, November 29, 2013

Last October 2013, L'Occitane Philippines had a promo by asking you to register on their app on Facebook. Originally, I already like L'Occitane products and is already following them, one of the reasons why I saw this promo. 

Upon signing up, you just have to fill in your personal info and answer some questions. 

Time has passed and I already forgotten this promo. And when I first saw it on their Facebook account, I saw my name is posted as the winner. I thought that it was others, a lot of girls have my full name as well, by experiencing it first hand on board exams, NBI clearance scenarios. And I didn't think it was me since it didn't tagged me on Facebook. But the next day upon checking my mail after I got home from work, I saw their email and was really shocked that I won! Literally, I shouted upon reading it and I think I jumped at least twice!!! And it is very rewarding after a crappy and tiring day at work. I felt like I had won a lottery prize!

Upon claiming my prize, I met their brand ambassador, Ms. Therese Calma, who looks gorgeous by the way, and is very very nice. Ms. Calma and together with a colleague (who also looks gorgeous! I wonder if all the Rustan's employees are all as gorgeous as they are...makes me want to switch job and try working there if I can look like them...LOL...), both welcomed me with a big smile on their faces. And I'm sure it reflected mine as well. They also gave me a bag of L'Occitane items in a super cute bag. I can't stop thanking them. And I am blogging this to continue thanking them. This is my most special prize I ever and I mean EVER received! And it gives me more inspiration to continue blogging and reviewing products. Also by attending events.

Follow them on their Facebook page, they will have future promos I'm sure, because they are very generous. Watch out for their promos and you may be the next winner! 

All I can say is, the saying is really true: When you least expect things to happen, it will come to you. Before I am not a believer of this phrase, now I think differently. I will post a blog on my stay once I availed the prize. I heard that Hotel Celeste really had a high rating. And I really feel lucky and privileged to be able to try it. It is located in the heart of Makati. Imagine a hotel in the middle of the city? Really a good R and R experience. I am so excited! Watch out for my future post! Again, I can't thank you enough! :)


  1. You’re so lucky for winning this! :D
    ~Pauline @Kallony

  2. Thank you so much! When I click @Kallony, I am directed on an online shop, is that correct? :)


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