Inglot: Exclusive Sneak Peek & Pressed Powder Review

Friday, November 29, 2013

I already heard about this brand from my sister who resides in US. And I was so happy to learn that there will be an opening of the first branch in the Philippines. So I immediately looked up their Facebook and Instagram accounts and followed them. They had an early registration for the website and I was lucky enough to be included on the first 100 registrants to be invited for an exclusive sneak peek to their store.

Inglot cosmetics are produced in Europe. They are famous for the first invention of breathable nail enamel. There are many branches opened worldwide and now they are here in the Philippines. Hooray for that! 

The store is located at the Ground Floor in Glorieta 5. The store is small and simple yet modern, but all items are on display. From lipstick racks down to nail polishes. There are a lot of samples that you can try on.

On the day of the exclusive sneak peek, upon entry, the shop's branch owner (Yup! The owners are the one who is going to assist you!) asked me the copy of the invitation sent to my e-mail. Then they explained and showed the different lines of their cosmetics. They handed me a freedom list, a paper where you can write the numbers of the make-up you wanted to place on a palette. And they will let you go around the shop and test the samples. There are roaming make-up artists that will answer your questions and needs. 

The owners and make-up are artists are all very nice and accommodating. They are really willing to help you choose the best product that works for you.

Here are the pictures that I managed to get (Sorry for the poor quality):

The famous Freedom Bar: Where you can customize your own palette of eye shadows, blush and powders.

Their large collection of lipsticks, lip balms and lip crayons. A lot of shades to choose from!!!

They have their own set of brushes.

They also have a collection of nail polish! Including the new and famous, breathable nail enamel. The nail polish that will not harm your nails.

And this is the view from the outside.

They offered 10% discount on purchases only for the first 100 guests. And I took the chance and bought myself something. I liked the texture and the finish effect of their pressed powder. So that's what I bought. Although their specialty is the palette collection, I didn't buy those because I already have a palette from different brand.

My shade on their pressed powder is shade number 12. They have a variety of powders from matte to shiny in finish. 

The packaging and box comes in color black. 

One pressed powder weighs 8g.

The kind that I bought is for personal use which comes in a compact case with a mirror on it. It is not refillable by the way. They also have pressed powders that can be refillable that you can put on a palette, and it is also cheaper. They recommend the palettes for make-up artists.

Take a peek inside:

I prefer to use a brush instead of the included foam. It blends the powder well and you won't waste your powder just because the foam absorbed it all. The powder has a light coverage but is matte when used. It lasts me at least 3 hours without retouching anything. 


When blended and absorbed:


Buy again? 70%

Price: 995php (Bought by 895php only through 10% discount)

Where to buy? Inglot, Glorieta 5

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