Things I Do To Destress After Work

Sunday, December 5, 2021 United States


Hello everyone! I am still adjusting to my new work and finding balance to do my passion to write here on my blog is still a challenge but for today I want to share with you some of the things I do to destress after work. 

1. Taking a warm bath

Yes! As general as it sounds, the warm soak in the bath helps my muscles relax. I make sure to use scents that will help me sleep or relax like lavender gels or epsom salts. Spending even as short as 10 minutes in the tub makes your day better. I am using the brand Teal's and I love it! 

2. Reading a book

To forget about work and busy night that I had, I usually read as much as I can until my mind wants to sleep. It is also a good way for me to catch up on my books waiting for me at home. 

Kindle is a great partner for me because I can read even with the lights turned off. 

3. Playing games

Games are a lot of fun and it makes time pass quickly until I want to rest and sleep. Besides my favorite mobile game, Mobile Legends, I also play card games online like Solitaire! Playing cards online is one of the things that technology brought us, no need to buy a deck and most online games are free. 

One of the sites that I use to play games is at When I want to play something classic, I always go to Classic Solitaire. This is the first game that I learned with cards and it is relaxing for me to play it anytime that I want to pass time. 

There are other types of solitaire games like Pyramid which I remember my grandmother used to play with her own deck of cards while she is watching over me. This game is a good practice in your addition skills because all you have to do is pair a total of 13 with your cards. The good thing with this online website is that it teaches you on how to play the games. 

When I do not want to think much, I end up playing Hidden Object. If you have kids, I am sure they will love this game! It will surely keep them occupied by the colorful graphics. This game reminded me of the activity book I used to play - Where's Wally?.

Do you also love word search? I do! This is one of the books I used to ask from my Dad when I was a kid, I love circling the words I do find. That is why I am happy to share that instead of buying the activity books for word search and throwing them after you play with it, you can just play it online at Word Search! The site also offers crossword puzzles if you want to practice your vocabulary. Most importantly, all of these games are free!

There are so much more games that the site offers like Mahjong, puzzles and even chess! It works on mobile phones too! All the classic games we used to play when we are kids. Make sure to check this site and enjoy playing like I do! 

4. Shopping

When I do have a budget, I do shop to reward myself from hardwork but most of the times I just window shop! LOL. I always go with my family or friends when visiting outlet shops! 

5. Watching Favorite Shows

Nothing beats watching my favorite anime and k-dramas! I am already thinking of posting about my Top 10 favorites!

6. Travel

Travel is the food for our soul. This is the thing that I look forward to. I will be posting my travel experiences here on my blog.

How about you guys? How do you unwind after work? Share it with me on comments below! :)

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