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Tuesday, October 5, 2021 United States


Before I left Philippines for United States, Silky Girl sent me off with a whole box of their new products that I could take along with me. In fact, I used these during my flight! 

The range of the new items are Matte Cushion Foundation, Cool Chic Blusher, and new set of liquid lipsticks! The package also contains the Silky Care Hygiene Wash. 

Now, let us check out the swatches of each product line. 


The Silky Girl's new Gen Matte Cushion Foundation is a lightweight and oil-free foundation, paraben-free, and fragrance free. I was able to use it for my flight and it is true that the oil that I developed is very minimal throughout my travel. Upon application, it is easy to apply and blended well onto my skin easily. Even though it is matte, it did not cause any flakiness on my skin. The coverage is light to medium. 

Most importantly, it comes with sun protection of SPF25 PA++ and a soft cushion applicator. So no need to bring a separate foundation brush when you travel with this foundation. 

For the complete list of ingredients, please refer to the photos below: 

Each foundation costs 595php. It comes in four shades: Light, Natural, Medium, and Tan. The best shade that suits my skin tone is Natural. 

See comparison below of my before and after photos using the Gen Matte Cushion Foundation. If you can see, my skin looked more flawless and the pores are barely visible. Though some of my blemishes can still be seen that I consider it to at least be of medium coverage. 


The Cool Chic Blusher is a lightweight, non-greasy and water-based tint formula blusher that is designed to naturally brighten any dull complexion and paraben-free. When I used it the first time, I immediately noticed its nice fruity fragrance. I was able to glide it on my cheeks smoothly and can be blended well. I also enjoyed the cooling sensation upon application - specially when the weather is sunny and humid! 

For the lasting power, it is decent for at least up to 6 hours before it starts to fade. But the packaging is sleek and light that it is to touch-up. 

Each tube costs 225php. For the complete list of ingredients, please refer to the photo below: 

Cool Chic Blusher comes in three shades: Peach, Pink, and Tangerine. I was able to test the Peach and Pink and both colors are awesome but my personal favorite is Peach because it looks natural on me. (Just check my final photo for the Peach shade look on me.)


Silky Girl's MLBB Lip Tint reminds me of long-lasting ink lip tints because it lasts long and leaves an even stain on my lips without causing crusting on my lips due to dryness. This MLBB Lip Tint is water-based lip tint enriched with Grapefruit extract that keeps lips smooth and moisturized all day. It also gives the lips a plumped-up look but still feels weightless. Besides all these amazing features, this lip tint is also paraben-free, carmin-free, and fragrance-free. 

Each tube costs 225php. There are five shades available that are highly pigmented: Autumn, Rosie, Orchid, Nude, and Scarlet. For the complete ingredients list, check the photo below: 

 Sharing with you the complete swatches of all the lip tints: 

For my flight, I chose the Nude as my base lip tint so that I will not have to worry for a touch-up just in case it starts to wear off. 


After using the MLBB Lip Tint as my base lip color during my flight, I added this new Genereation Matte Lip Cream on top of it. The new matte lip cream delivers sophisticated creamy matte finish and also enriched with Aloe Verea and Sunflower Seed Oil to retain moisture on lips. 

For a matte lipstick, it feels light and comfortable to wear. It does not settle on dry part of the lips so this is highly recommeded for dry lip users. Originally available in five shades: Just Nude, Mauve Mallow, Retro Pink, Crimson Love, and Hot Salsa. Recently, there was an addition of new shades: Pink Dream, Rose Latte, Red Rebel, Glam Rose, and Cinnamon Kiss. 

The lip cream comes with a unique angled applicator for easier application, it is also fragrance-free and carmine-free. 

Each tube costs 350php. Refer to the photo below for the complete list of ingredients: 

Check out the nice shades below: 

My photo below is me wearing Just Nude on top of Nude and it created another great looking shade of lipstick. 


The Silky Girl's Feminine Hygiene Wash's fragrance is fresh and has a cooling sensation. Each formula is formualted at pH 3.5 with lactic acid to maintain the natural ph and flora of the intimate area. Enriched with natural plant extracts to gently cleanse, soothe, and refresh intimate skin area. Each bottle contains 100ml of product and costs 150php. 

The feminine wash has two variants: Chamomile for soothing because it contains Calendula, Myrrh, and Elder all known for their anti-inflammatory, anti-septic and moisturizing properties; the other variant is the Eucalyptus for refreshing because it contains Eucalyptus, Chamomile, and Menthol for an anti-itch, refreshing and cooling feel. 

All of these products are available on Silky Girl's official Shopee store. I also some of their products being sold on Amazon for those in US that wants to try their products. 

I hope you found my review and swatches helpful in order for you to choose the shades that will best suit your skin type. 

Thank you so much for visiting my blog and stay safe everyone!

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