5 Ways On How To Make Friends In A New City

Thursday, July 1, 2021 Philippines


As you all know, I will be moving abroad soon and searching for new friend will be another challenge for me. In my previous workplace, my colleagues became my family during the twelve years that I worked there. I will miss them so much. But as much as I would rather stay, I needed also to move for my future's stability improvement. So I chose to work as a nurse abroad. 

Making people actually like you is different to making friends. Specially when you enter the world of working, it is so much easier making friends back in school days. 

I thought about some of the ways I do to make new friends and share it here on my blog. Sharing with you my five ways on how to make friends in a new city: 

1. Remember Names

For me, knowing someone's name is always important. When someone knows your name, you will feel that you are significant. This does not always apply in just making new friends. Make it a habit to use name when addressing a person - for example, in restaurants or establishments, whenever you talk to a staff and they have this badge on, read and remember their names whenever you converse with them. Believe me, it shows respect. 

2. Start A Conversation

I know that this is easier said than done specially since I am a naturally talkative person. LOL. Usually, I am the kind of person who starts to brought up topics we could talk about. 

If you barely know a person, you can start by talking about something of a neutral ground. Like what is your common thing - maybe about a workplace that you would be both starting too, city you will live in, trending topics, sales on market. Even some homes you will be both trying to look for like me because I will be moving to a new city. I can easily ask for example, have you seen the homes for sale in Toronto? Something like that. As long as you will avoid topics that are sensitive like politics, religion, and gender choices. 

Last, you can always read about the culture and tourist spot to the place that you will be moving too so that it can give you conversation starters. 

3. Always smile and listen

If it is their turn to talk, make sure you listen. Getting to know someone, it is important that you make them feel important through listening. Make sure to be interested on what they are sharing to you and praise them if you can specially when they achieve something that they are proud of.

Most importantly, give them your best smile. It might light up someone's day. 

4. Acknowledge your mistakes

Now that I am moving to something entirely different than what I am used to, I am sure that I will make mistakes. May it be in the directions, something that I apply on or anything else that could go wrong. Accepting your own mistakes will not only be a sign that you are open to learn and accept ctiricisms, but it will also make people see that you open-minded. 

In case that you also have to correct others, make sure to be gentle and make a way on saying it indirectly. Remember that we all have emotions. 

5. Respect 

Most of all, specially when you are already starting to be close and personal to your new friends. Always respect their views and opinions. Avoid arguments as much as you can. I know, another easier said done than but always remember to try to be the bigger person. I received this advice twice on my life and it affected my life differently in a more positive way. Now, I always try to live by it.

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