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Monday, June 7, 2021 Philippines


"Maskne" a word that became famous when the pandemic started. It is about an acne break-outs that started due to frequent wearing of masks. As much as I love that the masks keep us protected from the Covid-19 virus, it is also creates a problem for me when it comes to my skin. 

The acne that I get now is more frequent compared to the pre-pandemic days that I even wore heavy makeup daily. The frequent rubbing of the mask on the skin can be the main culprit. 

Anyway, even with skincare routine, it is still hard to prevent the acne formations. I am curious to try this Masknegel by In Her Element and see if it can help in my break-out problems. 

What does the Masknegel do?

Basically, the Masknegel helps in controlling acne and calming the skin using the three main ingredients Cica, Salicylic Acid (BHA), and tea tree oil. All of these ingredients are famous to be used for anti-acne products. Tea Tree Oil is my favorite when it comes to anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties and I am happy to see that it is one of the main ingredients of this Masknegel. I believe in the power of tea tree oil because I had a mole removal before and the tea tree oil helped my skin prevent scarring. For me, tea tree oil is definitely tried and tested to be effective. 

How to use Masknegel?

In my case, I apply it daily before applying my mask. I feel like the gel also serves as protection for the day. 

Even though it is said that do not apply on open wounds. I tried applying it directly on my fresh pimple (Check pimple #1 on my photo below) even when it already popped open. I just felt a little sting upon application but also immediately relieved. The sting was felt for just a few seconds. I noticed that my pimple dried faster when I used this Masknegel on it. This Masknegel for me is definitely fast-acting.

However, if you have sensitive skin, try to test it out first or skip applying on fresh open pimples. 

What are the exact ingredients of Masknegel?

It took long for me to post a review about In Her Element's Masknegel because I waited for my pimples or bumps on my skin to appear! 

Before you proceed, please be warned that I posted photos of my acne close-up. I hope you are not eating. LOL. 

I named my pimple number 1 and the bump on my skin as 2 for easier reference. 

When I noticed that my chin developed a cystic acne, I immediately used In Her Element's Masknegel twice a day. I applied it on my fresh face before using my mask and at night after I showered and washed my face. 

No sting noted when I applied it on my fresh cystic acne and I did not need to pop it because I noticed that the next day, it started to turn dry and yellow. Just a note, I still applied the gel even though my pimple already popped open. There is a slight sting but just lasted for a few seconds. I did not notice any discomfort or side effect afterwards. But if you have a sensitive skin, maybe you can skip applying when it is already open. 

Anyway, the next few days, it started to dry out and flatten! In total of five days, the acne just became a red then brownish discoloration. 

However, during the five days that it was healing. I felt another bump (Number 2) on top of the healing pimple. I immediately applied the Masknegel again and I am happy to share that it did not develop into a cystic acne and it flattened out after a few days as well! 

Now I already use this masknegel whenever I feel a bump forming. Besides prevention of acne, I now use it to protect my present acne before I apply makeup. Glad to find a prevention product that I can keep on my stash of skincare products. 

Did you know that this Masknegel is also affordable for only 445php! It will also last long since you only need to use a few amount on targeted spots. I hope that this review helped you on your skin care concerns. 

Find out more about In Her Element here: You can also order online in order not to go outside just to try out their products! ;) Stay safe everyone!

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