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Wednesday, May 19, 2021 Philippines



As you all know I am a Covid-19 Survivor and I still continue to work in the Covid Unit in our hospital and one of my ways to destress besides shopping (a very expensive way) is also to play games. There are numerous studies that claims that playing games is great way to cope with stress or depression. I know that I need that, a way to keep my mental health well. Also, playing games is a cheap form of entertainment that can be accessible to everyone.

I can remember that my first console back in the 90s is the Family Computer, and then we had upgraded to Nintendo. You see our family are gamers and we were able to collect from the first Playstation up to PS4. (Still saving up for the PS5 though LOL). Not only that, my mom gave me and my sister Wii, Gameboy Advance and then Nintendo DS Lite. I also play PC games like Dota and Sims. I pretty much tried everything and I know that this is a great way to destress and create a bonding moments with family. 

For now, I am currently addicted in playing Mobile Legends specially when I play with my husband - it is our bonding time after work. Sometimes though, it can also cause stress when we are in a losing streak and spark an argument between us. LOL.

That is why I am glad to discover Plays.Org! We found a new place to play without the pressure of winning! It is a free online video games that you can play anytime at the comforts of your on home or anywhere as long as you have an internet connection. At first, I thought I will be able to access it via computer only but to my amazement, I could also play it on my mobile phone! It is amazing how games also adapt to change to keep up as more people are now on the go with high technology mobile phones on hand. 

When I checked the games available at Plays.Org, most of the games are familiar and brought back my childhood memories! These are the games I used to play then and I am so happy to have the opportunity to play it again for free!

You can check the available and newest games at and you will see that it was also arranged by category type of the game. So far there are over 100 games available and more are being added daily. Make sure to try them all because it is fun!

My Top 3 Favorite Games From Plays.Org: 

1. The Sorcerer

The Sorcerer from the Puzzle Game Category reminded me of my childhood favorite game Zuma. I am now addicted again in playing this game. I got stuck for a few days on Level 10 but I am happy to share that I already finished all the levels up to Level 13 and I hope more challenging tiers will be added soon!

I do not notice the time passing whenever I play this game. In this game, the sorcerer holds a ball and you will shoot it on the corresponding same color. Whenever you pair a three same colored balls, it will disappear. The goal is not to let the balls fall into the hole. If you are using a mouse, you can change the color of the ball that the sorcerer is currently holding but for me, I prefer just throwing whatever color he is holding. I sometimes click the wrong pad whenever I try to change it and ending up creating more problems for me. LOL.

2. Tank Wars Base Defense Game

The Tank Wars is under the Defense Game Category and it reminded me of Battle Tank Games in the 90s. This is my husband's favorite and always asks me to play it with him. Yes! This game can be played by two players, you will just have to share one keyboard. 

There are over 100+ levels for this one and believe me it keeps on getting hard. The farthest that I can play alone is up to Level 5 to 6 only. LOL. We reach further levels together with my husband. He plays offense and I am the defense. 

So far for me, this game has the greatest background sound and graphics. 

3. Flight Sim Air Traffic Control

The Flight Sim Air Traffic Control is under the Simulation Game Category. This is actually an exciting game because you need to control the planes and choppers to land safely without colliding with each other. Besides being a simulation game, it is also like a puzzle because you have to think on how to have them make a detour to avoid collision. 

There are 12 levels on this game. At first it was quite easy because there are just a few planes and helicopters. But as the game progresses, there are multiple runways and planes arriving. It is quite hard. It is feeling like you are trying to multi-task! LOL. Still, this is a fun game. 

There are more games that you can choose from and I just shared with you my Top 3 games that I always play. Let me share with you on why it is worth to try Plays.Org: 

1. It is totally free!
2. Easy to navigate and use. 
3. No need to download anything compared to Origin and Steam. 
4. No ads popping out. 
5. Lots of games to choose from. 
6. New games being added regularly. 
7. Request for games or feedbacks are accepted on the site. 

So, what are you waiting for?! Try Plays.Org now and play safely at home! This game site provided me pleasure on my free time and takes my mind off things that stresses me. You can also help by preventing the spread of Covid-19 by avoiding from going outside just for entertainment.

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