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Sunday, March 28, 2021 Philippines


When it comes to foundation, the brand that I can trust specially when it comes to coverage and longevity is MAC Cosmetics. It is no wonder why this is the brand used by most makeup artists. 

The first MAC Cosmetics foundation that I was able to try is the Studio Fix Liquid Foundation which I failed to post a review here yet and the MAC's Select Sheer Pressed Powder. I was only able to post the haul in my Hong Kong travel last 2016. 

Anyway, I love the Studio Fix Liquid Foundation because of its coverage but still maintain a natural look and its lasting power. For today though, I will be sharing with you my experience with the Studio Fix Powder! Something that is easier to use and bring anywhere! 

Thanks to MAC Cosmetics and Project Vanity for sending me this full size product, I will finally be able to try this powder version of the Studio Fix that I love so much from MAC. So now, let us proceed to my full review. 

Brand: MAC

Type: Studio Fix Powder

Shade: NC20

Weight: 15g

Texture: Matte



Compared to using liquid foundations, this MAC Studio Fix Powder is convenient to use. I can easily bring it along with me anywhere specially if I need a touch-up. With the sponge included, you can leave your powder brush at home. In my case though, I use a brush initially at home since it is more even and natural that way compared when used with sponge. 

The coverage is medium to full which I am definitely impressed. The high coverage can usually be obtained with liquid foundation and sometimes with addition of concealers. For this powder though, my uneven skin tone is corrected and most of my blemishes were covered. 

It lasts for five to six hours on me before it starts to fade (when used alone on a bare face with no other cosmetics base like primers or setting sprays). But since I can bring this easily with me, I can do touch-ups anytime!

I did not experience any break-outs while using this powder and no oiliness noted on my skin while wearing the powder. 

Amazingly, the MAC Studio Fix Powder will last long because you do not need much to cover your whole face! Like I said on my Instagram post the other day, just a few dabs of powder and your look is ready! 

The compact powder comes with a mirror and you can pop it open to see the sponge on the lower level. I like that the bottom side where the sponge is located has holes on it. It can let your sponge breathe to avoid bacteria to grow on your sponge. 


If you have a dry cracking skin, the powder might settle on it because this is a matte powder. It can also make your skin look drier. 

The sponge included can sometimes make your makeup look "cakey". I prefer using brush for it. 

It can be quite expensive for 1950php for a powder but with the coverage and lasting power, I am willing to buy it. 


Buy again? 100%

Overall Rating: 5/5

Price: 1950php

Where to buy? MAC stores but since it is pandemic, you can order yours through their Flagship store at Lazada. They also have a birthday sale wherein the MAC Studio Fix Powder is on buy one get one (BOGO) sale! :) 

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