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Saturday, February 20, 2021 Philippines


When it comes to beauty, there are so many options that we could choose from but not everything gives us the opportunity to be an entrepreneur. WE PROVIDE - a multi-level marketing company aims to give everyone the opportunity to start their own business and be successful. It all started when Mr. Tony Ang and Ms. Celeste Reyes, both seasoned and successful entrepreneurs decided to start a business wherein they could share their knowledge and experience to help starting entrepreneurs by providing an easy and ready products. 

We Provide values honesty and authenticity that is why they produce quality products at reasonable prices for customers to enjoy. The company is dedicated to develop products that will give satisfaction to its users. They also want to guarantee that every product will be worth the money spent. 


Become their partner. Besides being recruited into their company, you will also be developed on how to lead and learn network referrals. You can enjoy the products for yourself while also earning by re-selling it in the market. 

There are several packages that you could choose from. From personal, business, and up to enterprise plans. 

Most importantly, the beauty of using We Provide products, is that majority of their products are made in the Philippines from the raw materials and the people. Not only we could enjoy the benefits, possibility to earn by becoming their partner, we can also support local. 

Currently, they offer beauty and health-related products. Each designed according to the customer's needs. The first two products that I tested from We Provide are their AltaGlow and AltaLumina. But they also offer essential oil rollers, soaps, and scrub.


AltaGlow is a collagen supplement with Vitamin C. We have natural collagen from our body but as we grow older, the number depletes that is why it is also important to take collagen supplements to help our skin strengthen. Besides the benefit to the skin with providing hydration and elasticity, collagen can also help relieve joint pain and boost muscle mass. 

Personally, I do take collagen supplements and with this brand We Provide, I did not encounter any side effects or adverse reactions. I cannot observe the difference on my skin since I already do take collagen months before I started taking this. Still, my skin remained firm and hydrated. 

I appreciate that the box includes all the necessary details that we need to know about AltaGlow like the ingredients, manufacturing and expiration date. 

Price: 900php for 30 capsules


AltaLumina is a L-Glutathione supplement that promotes skin whitening while reducing oxidative stress. It also helps in reducing cell damage to our liver caused by alcohol or fats. From the studies, glutathione observed to improve protein, enzyme, and bilirubin levels in the blood. 

Before the month ended that I was taking this glutathione supplement, my cheeks are already naturally pinkish (like blush). I also noticed that my skin looked less dull. The recommended dose is to take 2 capsules twice a day but I only took 1 capsule and still saw a positive results. 

The only problem is that I experience acid reflux whether I take it before or after meals. Do not be afraid though because for all the glutathione brands that I tried, I experience acid reflux. There might be a certain ingredient from glutathione that my stomach does not agree with. On the good side, I only experience this acid reflux for at least maximum of 30 minutes. 

Last, I like the color of this glutathione - light pink! 

Price: 1500php for 30 capsules


If you follow me on my Instagram and a regular reader here on my blog, you would know that I love essential oils! In fact, I also created my own brand, All About Oils - though I am not that active yet on selling it. But I do love mixing and using these essential oils daily. There is something about its relaxing fragrances that takes away stress from my body. 

Even though I mix my own, I still love trying out others' blend because each blend is unique. For this GLW essentials, my favorite is the Be Peaceful (Eucalyptus). Even though there is a separate oil for pain, I still find the Be Peaceful effective in relieving my headache. 

My next favorites are Sleep Well and Breathe Easy! I am so glad to discover a new brand of essential oil rollers! 

Price: 180-200php per bottle


The underarm whitening scrub smells nice since it was made with coffee grounds. The scrub was made with 100% natural ingredients. It can diminish odor, lighten, and smoothen the underarm skin. 

Coffee grounds are known for being a natural potent antioxidant that can protect the skin and when repurposed as exfoliating scrub, it can exfoliate the skin well because it brightens skin and prevents pore clogging. 

Price: 200-299php


The GLW Essentials Tomato Soap is infused with real pure tomatoes and Vitamin A. Even during the old times, tomatoes are known to aid in skin health specially from sunburn because of its lycopene content. Lycopene are known to have an anti-cancer properties that is why others love to include tomatoes in their diet as well as using skincare products infused with tomatoes. 

Basically, it is also considered as an anti-aging fruit. 

Price: 100-150php


The coconut, olive, and argan oil are all famous natural oils. All of these ingredients are powerful in terms of moisturization. 

Coconut aids in prevention of acne because of its anti-inflammation properties. While the olive is a strong anti-oxidant that prevents premature aging. For the argan oil, it is known for controlling sebum that also prevents acne formation. 

Price: 100-150php


The Lemon, Honey, and Moringa soap is designed for anti-aging. With the ingredients infused on this soap, it can help in reducing fine lines and wrinkles. 

Price: 100-150php


Others may be surprised that charcoal is being used for skincare products but this is not new to me. In fact, charcoal is known to be a natural prevention of acne and can minimize pores. That is why most of face clay are made with charcoal too.

Price: 100-150php

That is why in using We Provide products, not only you will feel beautiful but it can also give you a BEAUTYful opportunity because you can also earn from it. 

To know more about We Provide, you can visit their website at https://weprovidecorp.com/. There are a lot of resellers of GLW Essentials and you can easily find their products from Shopee and Lazada. 

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