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Sunday, February 7, 2021 Philippines


Have you always wondered about what makes a person glow like there is no stress at all in their lives? Like, how someone can be so beautiful that you cannot stop staring at their nice skin. For me, it may sound like an envy but I really do take it as an inspiration to achieve a skin like theirs. 

One of the many beautiful faces (and body) that I always look at are from the Beauty Queens of Miss Universe Contest. Year by year that the pageant happens, I always observe that one of the common things from the contestants are their beautiful glowing skin. It made me wonder, what could be their secret? Have they discovered the fountain of youth without us knowing? 

I am so glad that I was able to have a glimpse to the skincare brand behind the 68th Miss Universe Pageant (2019) where Ms. Zozibini Tunzi won, a successor of our beloved Ms. Catriona Grey. The brand behind the glowing skin of our candidates is none other than O Skin Med Spa by Ms. Olivia Quido. The O Skin Med Spa is known as official skincare label of Miss Universe and Miss USA. It is the place of choice for skincare clinic for Miss Pia Wurtzbach and Ms. Catriona Grey. 

Miss Universe 2019 with Ms. Olivia Quido of O Skin Med Spa

The clinic is located at Los Angeles, California. It offers both skincare services and products as well as home essentials. You can also find their products at Neiman Marcus and Bergdorf Goodman!

For the Philippines, you can purchase their products from Ms. Olivia Quido's sister and official distributor, Ms. Sheila Quido via their O Skin Med Spa Online Website. They have no retail shop as of now in the Philippines, but they are available in other countries like Nepal, Canada and Dubai.


It was in California, USA when Ms. Olivia Quido started in a back kitchen of a parlor that she decided to curate her own products. Back then, she lost some hope after being rejected in nursing schools and that is why she opted to focus on her real passion which is beauty. She then became a licensed aesthetician and she started leasing her own working space back in 2007 then transferred to something bigger on year 2012 as O Skin Med Spa also grew. 

After being able to talk with her personally in our meeting, I came to learn that she is very hands-on on her products and wants all the best potent ingredients to be used on each item. Ms. Olivia Quido is very knowledgeable on what she does and I can say that the products are all carefully crafted to perfection by undergoing stability and compatibility tests. 

Not only that, Ms. Olivia Quido is naturally meticulous because she also wants everything on her clinic to be clean even before the pandemic. Her aestheticians wear disposable sleeves and uses disposable sheets for all clients. Even the tools being used are brand new and taken home by the clients. 

Despite the pandemic and her clinic being temporarily closed, the consultations kept the clinic alive. Undergoing zoom meetings, live sessions and personally catering the clients for their skin concerns makes them all the more uniquely client-centered. From this, O Skin Med Spa prepared a home skin peel pack that can be delivered straight to your doorstep. Making sure that all their clients do not neglect their skin.

Do I need to say more? Just looking at Ms. Olivia's skin makes me want to try the products myself! 

Like I said before, I cannot stop gawking at her beautiful glowing skin during the meeting. LOL. Damn! I want to achieve that flawless level! LOL. 


I am glad to know that Ms. Olivia offers everything of her success to God. She shared that for every blessing that she receives with her business, she gives back to God. Ms. Olivia Quido believes that when you give back, more blessings will open up for you.

When asked during our zoom meeting on how she handles competition, Ms. Olivia shared that competitors should not be your concern and you should only focus on your own business. Do not look at others' success, focus on your own - keep innovating. 


One of their best-selling products, Secret Gold 24K Mask which was also featured at Forbes last August 2020. This is how big the brand is as well as how great their products are. The Secret Gold 24K Mask became famous because of the visible glow after just one use. It is said to be lightweight and can be used either on day or night. The cream is also infused with 24 karat gold powder. Personally, this is also the first product that I would love to try from O Skin Med Spa. 

Another famous product that will soon be available in the Philippines is the Blemish Eraser. It is a cream encapsulated with vitamins a and c that will activate upon penetration to melatonin. It focuses on doing two things, to exfoliate and whiten. This is also her recommendation for someone like me who suffers from "maskne" at work. 

For "Maskne" problems, she advised us to use silk masks because it prevents friction to the skin. This is to prevent formation of acne. Ms. Olivia added that we should wash the silk masks with light detergents. Pimples on skin can also be caused by lip balms and colored toothpaste or mouthwash so she also reiterated to avoid using such products. Though silk masks does not cover filtration for virus and bacteria, just make sure to use it under your regular masks with filters. 

In my case, I cannot use a silk mask because I work in a covid unit and we use silicon respirators which causes acne on the mask area, that is why a Blemish Eraser was advised because I can use it under my makeup or put on areas with acne starting as prevention. Just make sure to clean your face immediately when you get home. 

O Skin Med Spa also have skincare sets like the Daily Essentials Kit, Beauty Queen Kit, The Secret Collection, The Ultimate Glow Collection, and Acne Basic or Complete Collection, but they also offer some of the basic products separately. According to Ms. Olivia Quido, the top three products that we should not forget to use is the cleanser, moisturizer, and sunblock. 

O Skin Med Spa's products focuses on targeting the two main problems which are the acne and pigments. This applies for both men and women. They also offer men's skincare with just a goal of achieving a clear skin. Men are more prone to acne on forehead due to hair care products that is why the products for men suggested are cleanser, toner, hydrating gel and sunblock. The hydrating gel for men is non-sticky that they can be easily use. 

Last, O Skin Med Spa offers beddings because it is another thing that always touches our skin. Ms. Olivia wanted to make sure that a soft sheets is better to rub on our skin while we sleep. 

I learned a lot during our short meeting specially on how I can take care of my skin better and like how Ms. Olivia shared that some of the products of O Skin Med Spa is designed for whitening. She advised not to use whitening products when you are pregnant or breast feeding even with other brands because it can seep through your bloodstream. Before the event ended, she reminded us not to forget to apply sunblock on our face, neck, and nape. In just span of almost two hours, I already wanted to be strict on using sunscreens if I can achieve a better skin!

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