New Favorite: Glossier's Cloud Paint in Dusk

Monday, May 25, 2020 Philippines


The first time that I was able to try this was when my niece lend me hers. She told me that this is a must-have for blush products. Without any hesitation, I immediately tested it on my skin. Viola! I was amazed too and it is now my number one favorite liquid blush. 

This is actually my first Glossier product. I always see it online and sometimes I think that their products are quite pricey. There is a hype on some of their products but they are not that being spoken of here in the Philippines. In fact, there is no official store here yet, just resellers or retailers. So finding this shade gave me a hard time. Thankfully, my sister bought one for me from US. 

The packaging of Glossier is simple and minimalist, it looks like regular art materials which I find cute. Anyway, let us now find out why this blush is my new favorite!

Brand: Glossier

Type: Cream Blush

Shade: Dusk

Weight: 10ml

Product Description and Ingredients: 


I fell in love with this cream blush because of its nice nude shade! This is my first time to use a brownish looking blush that looks so natural! The color itself reminds me of nude lipsticks but this one has a different texture perfect for cheeks. It is the perfect blush for warm skin tone like me because it has a warm under tone!

The finish of the cream blush is matte and you can build up the pigmentation easily. Even though it is matte, it gives a slight natural dewy look. (Check out my photo below for what I am implying dewy look.)

The cream is quite thick but easy to apply and spread on skin. As long as I use my fingers, I did not encounter any problem in blending it well into my cheeks. 

Do not forget to wait for it to be fully absorbed to look natural, avoid putting too much product. The tube dispenses too much cream blush in one squeeze so please be careful to avoid excess and spillage. Plus, it is highly pigmented, you do not need to use too much product! In short, this tube will also last long!

One of the ingredients for this is collagen which they claim also gives a plumping effect on the skin. Glossier claimed its hypoallergenic, dermatologist-tested, paraben-free and fragrance-free. 

Last, ladies! This cream blush lasts long even without setting sprays! It survived my 8 hours shift at work and after the 8 hours with slight fading. No need for touch-ups! Perfect for health workers like me!

In the end, is it worth the hype? For me, for this shade - a total 100%! One of the best blushes that I was able to try! Definitely unique!


It is not easy to find here in the Philippines. 

Expensive if you will buy from resellers. It rangers from 1,000php to 1500php. But if you know someone abroad, ask them to buy for you. They sell it for less than 1000php at US and sometimes its on sale. 


Buy again? 100% (Yes yes yes! LOL)

Overall Rating: 5/5

Price: 1000-15900php

Where to buy? Look for online resellers in Instagram. :) I got mine from US. 

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