Redwin: Vitamin E Cream With Evening Primrose Oil

Sunday, January 5, 2020 Philippines


According to my niece who gave this moisturizer to me, this is a famous moisturizer being used at Australia and has been a holy grail to most of them. That is why when she went to Australia for work, she bought me one to try. 

The packaging reminded me of old style of moisturizers that we seldom see on our mother's vanity area. I feel like I already seen this one before but I know that it will be my first time to try it. 

Based on Redwin, it is known to be an effective moisturizer that reduces visible signs of aging. Since it also contains Vitamin E as its one of main ingredients, well it pretty much sums up that it is good for the skin. Having all the right formulas in one tub, it is designed to assist users specially for those with dry or sensitive skin. 

To learn more about this moisturizer's ingredients, refer to the photo below: 


This moisturizer weighs 300g and I know that this will last me for at least a few months! 

It has a creamy texture that is why I can both use it for my face and body. Just make sure to practice it in a hygienic way. Even though it is creamy, it is easy to spread to my skin - even in a small amount! I know that you think that since it was creamy and thick that it will feel sticky, heavy and warm on skin but amazingly, it is not! It feels light and after a few minutes, it got fully absorbed by my skin. 

The thing that I love most about this moisturizer is that it smells like powder! So I feel fresh whenever I use it. 

A week after continued use (once a day at bedtime) my skin looks better in terms of hydration, my skin is usually dry and I needed the use of primer for liquid foundations to glide on smoothly on my skin. Now, I can skip the primer if I wanted to. It is now easier to glide on makeup on my hydrated skin. 

The moisturizer is great for those who needs a hydration boost for the skin. Besides for the hydration, I did not notice any other effects on my skin like lightening or making my pores look smaller. I guess it will be best to partner this with your other skincare products. 


Since it came from Australia, there is no official stores yet here in the Philippines. I can see others selling it on bazaars or Shopee but I think the price is too much. According to my niece, she bought it for less than 500php in Australia.

Since it is in a large tub, I find it quite hard to bring along with me when I travel. Though buying travel containers at Beabi will quickly solve it! 

Other than these reasons, I see no other issues in using this product. 


Buy again? 100%

Overall Rating: 4/5

Price: 500php (more or less at Australia), Shopee sells it for 700-800php. 

Where to buy? Online stores in the Philippines

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