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Saturday, January 4, 2020 Philippines


Reviewing the Ultimune Serum is already not new to me since I already reviewed my fondness about it before. But this set is another whole story. I remember it was being sold on Shiseido Stores for 12,000php since all of the bottles are full sizes. It was offered for a discounted price of 9,000php I think, if I remember it correctly during one of my visits. Of course, I did not buy it even with the discounted price since I feel that its too much. 

However, my first Luxasia sale, I encountered this Shiseido Ultimune Skincare Set at the booth of Shiseido and would you believe that they are selling it for only 2,500php! I knew then that it was the right time to finally purchase it. 

The box comes with a facial wash, softener, and the Ultimune Serum itself. Just the Ultimune bottle alone for only 2,500php is already worth it! 

1. Deep Cleansing Foam Internal Power Resist

The bottle weighs 125ml and it lasted me for almost two months with daily use. I pair it best with my Foreo Luna Play Plus because it has a smooth and foamy consistency. It is designed to oily and blemish-prone skin. I have a dry to combination skin and it still worked well with me though. 

As shared by Shiseido, this cleanser helps remove impurities while softening and strengthening the skin. Immediately after use, I noticed that my skin feels smooth and soft without any feel of residual from the facial foam. Other than that, I do not notice any whitening or lightening on my skin. So if with the price of a facial wash like this one, I am not that impressed. This regularly costs around 1,800php. 

Oh! It smells nice too, as expected from a Shiseido product. 

The ingredients are not fully listed in the set. 

2. Internal Power Resist Softener

This is my second time to use a Shiseido Softener. The first one is Shiseido's Ibuki Softener that sadly was discontinued already. If I will compare it to the Ibuki Softener, this one is almost fragrance-free and it has a thinner consistency - like water-based. 

This comes in a 150ml bottle (but I think they also sell it in 300ml bottles) and costs around 2,500 more or less. According to Shiseido, this is like a preparation for the skin. It will infuse immediate hydration to balance the skin and it increases the skin's defense against stressors. (Not to be sarcastic but can I use this to wet people that causes me stress? LOL!)

I agree with the hydration that it gives on my skin but if you have a tendency to be oily, try this in samples first. It takes time before it can be fully absorbed by my skin. Besides that, it leaves a shiny look on my skin but not the glow that I wanted. LOL. 

If I will choose between the Ibuki Softener and this Internal Power Resist, I feel much more comfortable with the Ibuki line and I think it gives more positive results for my skin.

3. Ultimune Power Infusing Concentrate

I know that this is not my first time to use it but I really cannot find in my blog my first review about it. I reviewed it during my early days in blogging. I am not sure if it got deleted or I did not put a correct label for it that is why it does not show when being searched for keywords. 

Anyway, I will review it again for this post. LOL. I do not mind though since this is the best product that Shiseido ever created! At least for me. 

You know that thought that if I have the money to spend for skincare, I will definitely re-purchase this again and again. But this serum is really expensive! This 50ml bottle costs 5,500php! If not for the sale at Luxasia for only 2,500php for the set, I may not have re-purchased it. 

There is something about this serum that I know its helping in making my skincare routine a success. Others thought that this is already the serum that you can wear alone for skincare. But Shiseido designed it like a primer for your serums. It helps in preparing your skin to absorb whatever you put after. 

It gives an immediate improvement on skin. Skin feels softer, smoother, and brighter...only if it is more affordable I can use it more on a daily basis. Even my sisters loves this serum! 

I am so thankful I managed to get the last two sets during the Luxasia sale! I gifted the other one to my sister! :) 

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