Happy Skin: Perfect Clean Ultrasonic Silicone Cleansing Device + Hydrating Facial Wash

Friday, October 25, 2019 Philippines


Hello Beauties! After reviewing so much makeup, I decided to shift to skincare for today's post. Actually, this cleansing device and hydrating facial wash has been with me for months now but I was not able to prioritize it for review. 

When me and my good friend, Jing of www.mykikaystuff.com, met up and had our date - we passed by Happy Skin store and during that time, they had an ongoing promo of the skincare bundle of the Cleansing Device and facial wash. The regular prince of Happy Skin's cleansing device is 1,199php but the promo is that when you buy this type of bundle, you will only pay 1,299php and you get a full size hydrating facial wash! The facial wash only costs 100php instead of 599php. I was able to save 499php! If you are interested to buy this bundle, it is still offered on their online store. 

Let us start reviewing the Perfect Clean Ultrasonic Silicone Cleansing Device. The good thing about this cleansing device is that it is rechargeable via USB connection. The downside is that you have to be careful not to wet the area of the USB slot. It has a tendency for the seal to be opened. (Photo below)

Another good point of this cleansing device is that the vibration pulsation can be adjusted up to 15 types of pulsation intensity. The cleansing device is double-purpose, it also serves as a massaging device. It pulses 6,000 micro-vibrations per minute that effectively unclog pores and provides deep cleansing. 

The silicone is smooth and non-abrasive. It has different bristles for separate purposes. The tip of the cleansing device is for cleansing of T-zone area. The remaining smaller bristles are for deep cleansing. At the back portion of the device, it has a bigger bristles - for massaging of the skin as it can also increase circulation and tightening of the skin. 

The size of this device fits my palm though it is bigger than Foreo Luna Play Plus, the bristles of Foreo is also softer than this Happy Skin Perfect Clean Ultrasonic Silicone Cleansing Device though the Happy Skin's version of bristles are also soft (At least softer than the other generic ones that I was able to try.) For the price of 1,199php - this is not bad for a good cleansing device. 

Silicone cleansing devices can be used for any skin types but if you have allergies to silicone, check with your doctor first. The recommended time usage is 1 to 2 minutes only. 

Oh! The device also lights up once turned on at the base part of the cleansing device. 

Of course, in order to fully enjoy a cleansing device, you will need a facial wash to pair it with. Just like the bundle that Happy Skin offered, it comes with a Hydrating Facial Wash. 

The Hydrating Facial Wash is part of Happy Skin's Anti-Aging Series. Most of the times, my skin ranges from normal, dry to combination but never oily. That is why this facial wash is perfect for my skin because it is designed for normal, dry or combination skin types. 

Refer to the photo below on how to use it and the complete list of ingredients. 

The key ingredients of this hydrating facial wash is the Chardonnay Extract that effectively utilizes the power of Alpha Hydroxy Acids that removes dead skin cells. A Fission technology was also used which helps moisturize skin and improve dullness. Last, according to Happy Skin, it also keeps the skin's pH level healthy. 

I love that the facial wash manages to clean my face well specially when paired with the cleansing device. My skin looked brighter and it feels softer and smoother after each use. Most of all, the hydrating facial wash does not leave any residue on skin. I did not feel any irritation or sting on my skin each time that I use this. 

This is a perfect idea for Christmas gift too! That is why I remembered it when I was thinking on what to post here on my blog. I hope you find this review helpful. 

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