Unique Jade Roller By Serene Your Wellness Rituals

Thursday, April 4, 2019 Philippines


Recently, use of facial massage instruments are hyped in the beauty industry. Actually this method is actually not new. It is also what you get in getting facials but instead of someone else doing it for you, you can do the massage by yourself daily and can be included in your facial regimen. It is just with the latest discovery of using crystals for skin care that it became more famous. 

Jade rollers, Rose quartz rollers, and even as expensive as Foreo devices but it all boils down to one thing, to stimulate your skin cells through massage thus an important part in anti-aging. 

Though it is my first time to encounter this unique Jade Roller by Serene Your Wellness Rituals. The Jade is flat and round, it is cool to touch and according to the owner of Serene Your Wellness Rituals, the Jade used is 100% authentic. Another thing that makes it one of a kind is that this roller is battery operated. 

When the battery is on, the roller vibrates. No need to repeatedly swipe it up and down like the usual rollers because it already vibrates and stimulates your skin. Since it is flat and round, it is easier to clean. Gliding it over the skin feels nice specially with the cooling feel of the Jade. 

The minor problem that I encountered is that the top part may be displaced in position due to the vibration. Just make sure to hold it near the part of the jade when the vibration is on. 

I sometimes use it directly to my skin or sometimes over my facial masks. Either way, it works. 

You can buy this (1200php) via Instagram (@sereneyourwellnessrituals) for the shop to ship it to you directly or just visit their store at Tomas Morato. They have plenty of nice organic products that you can try and this battery operated Jade Roller is just one of them. 

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