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Monday, January 28, 2019 Philippines


During Lazada's big sale, wherein if you buy 1 MAC lipstick from their flagship store, you get another random lipstick for free. I decided to finally buy the shade Mehr that I wanted. It is one of the lipsticks that famous Kim Kardashian's favorite to use. I am trying to find the article that I read this about but I cannot locate it anymore. But as far as I can clearly remember the shade Mehr is included as well as MAC's Velvet Teddy and Anastasia Beverly Hills in Dainty. 

Anyway, even though this is actually a pink lipstick, it looks like the natural color of my lips. Hence, I still consider it as like a nude one. 

Brand: MAC

Shade: Mehr

Finish: Matte

Edition: Permanent

Weight: 3g

Product Description: (From MAC's website) Dirty Blue Pink



The lipstick actually looks like pink even on my swatches but when I applied it on my lips, it looks like a pinkish-brown shade. Like a natural lip color. 

This lipstick shade is versatile. It does not look weird on both no makeup or with a full makeup on. There are other lipsticks that does not look good without a full makeup on, agree? That is why I appreciate that I can wear this lipstick alone. 

Matte formula but still creamy enough to apply that it is comfortable to glide over the lips. It does not add on dryness to my lips. 

Highly pigmented! One layer coating is enough to fully show the color of the lips. 


Since it is a matte lipstick, it accentuates the dry patches of my lips and some of my lip lines. Make sure to exfoliate your lips first before using it. 


Buy again? 100%

Overall Rating: 5/5

Price: 1100php

Where to buy? MAC stores. Lazada Flagship Store of MAC

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