Unboxing My Althea Birthday Box 2018

Monday, December 24, 2018 Philippines


Grateful is an understatement on how blessed I am to be part of Althea Angels. Althea and its members are all generous and fun to work with. Last November, my birthday month, Althea gifted me with shopping credits. I used it to buy the items that I had in my wish list for so long but never bought. 

For the video of unboxing, you can watch it here: 

The number one on my list to try is the Sulwashoo Cushion that received amazing reviews. I am excited to try it. This cushion costs 2420php. The cushion comes with one refill. 

Next on my wish list is Pobling Sonic Cleanser. I always wanted to have the Clarisonic cleanser but it is too expensive. Thankfully, there is an affordable alternative at Althea. The Pobling Sonic Cleanser is battery operated and costs 1080php. Refill costs 400php. 

The third product that I bought is the CosRx Salicylic Acid Daily Gentle Cleanser for 375php. CosRx's pimple patches is my holy grail and I wanted to try out their other products and I started by trying out their facial wash. 

Since I lack mascara curlers, I added the It's My Eyelash Curler to my cart. I got curious with the curler because it has comb-like bristles. This one costs 140php. 

Last, I got a refill of my Etude Color My Brows for 240php specially that I recently colored my hair. 

Yay! That is a lot! Thank you so much Althea for the birthday gift. Watch out for my reviews! Shop your affordable Korean finds at https://ph.althea.kr/

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