Be Prepared and Protect Your Bags With Oh My Bag Waterproof Covers

Wednesday, November 28, 2018 Philippines


When it comes to bags, I am not as careful compared to my sisters. My sisters take extra measures for their bags. That is why they usually scold me when I place it on floors or how I carry them. Sometimes I also wet them during rainfall. I think even my bags will scold me if they could. LOL. 

That is why I am happy to discover this water proof bags by Oh My Bag PH. I can now place my bags over surfaces without worrying that they will get dirty, also I can protect them anytime when it rains. I can even bring my bags beside the pool or beach! 

Surprisingly, it is affordable for only 280php!!! For the cheap price, you could protect your bags anytime. If you will check their online store at It is also available in different sizes and designs. I also wanted to purchase the back pack cover next time! 

Oh My Bag PH sells bag stuffers, organizers, bases and so much more! Check their store and be amazed! Because I am! 

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