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Monday, November 26, 2018 Philippines


Our feet is usually the most abused part of the body. We use it to walk, climb, and run. Have you noticed that when your feet is tired, you also feel sore all over? I noticed that to myself and I do not know if I am the only one or it is a psychological thing but in order to soothe my feet, I indulge myself to a foot spa and pedicure and sometimes a body massage too. 

Going to the spa is actually not economical if I will do it regularly. Plus the time it consumes to go the malls for a service. Right? That is why I am excited to share that Soothies Foot Care is now available in the market. I can do my own foot care at the comfort of my home. Soothies is a brand also by Girlstuff - my favorite brand for nail polish! Now if I wanted too, I will  bring along these Soothies Foot Care products along with my nail polish to the salon. 

Soothies Foot Care offers five products that are essential to a complete foot care. Let me share with you the items separately. 

1. Soothies Foot Scrub

With this foot scrub, your feet can be exfoliated to remove dry and rough areas of the skin. The first thing that I loved about this scrub is that upon opening it smells exactly like peppermint! Just the way I like it! It also contains honey extract and Shea Butter but for the complete list of ingredients, refer to the photo below: 

Basically, the Soothis Foot Scrub will moisturize, cool, and revitalize our tired feet. Plus it softens and hydrates the skin. I tried using it and after the first use, my feet feel lighter and softer. Each 200g of tub costs 149php. Super affordable! 

2. Soothies Foot Balm 

Soothies Foot Balm is designed for cracked heels. It can revitalize and moisturize the tired feet while reducing foot odor. The balm was made with peppermint (just like the foot scrub), tsubaki, rosemary, and lavender oils. It is also infused with natural antibacterial and healing properties that is great for cracked skin. For the list of the complete ingredients, refer to the photo below: 

In short, the Soothies Foot Balm can relieve the roughest, driest and most cracked skin. I usually apply this at night and cover me feet with socks to soak my skin with the balm longer. I use the balm on the driest part of my skin usually at my heels. Each 40g tub of the balm costs 149php. 

3. Soothies Foot Powder

Soothies Foot Powder can absorb moisture, keep feet cool and dry, eliminate odor. Made with Tea Tree Oil that naturally eliminates odor-causing bacteria and fungi. For more ingredients included, check the photo below: 

I find this effective because I use it during my long-hours at work and my feet stays fresh after a long day. It even worked inside my stockings. Each bottle contains 150 grams of powder and costs 139php. 

4. Soothies Foot Moisturizing Cream

Soothies Foot Moisturizing Cream moisturizes, cools, and refreshes our tired feet. It works just like the balm but this one is easier to lather all over my feet. It is like a lotion. It consists of shea and cocoa butter. For the complete list of ingredients, see the photo below: 

The cream gives the skin the smooth and soft feel while naturally relieves our feet from fatigue. I usually use this first to apply all over my feet then I use the balm for my cracked heels then I cover my feet with socks overnight. The tube contains 50ml of cream for only 99php. 

5. Soothies Foot Cooling Spray

Soothies Cooling Foot Spray refreshes and cools feet. The spray is made with lavender, jojoba, and rosemary extracts, that naturally removes odor-causing bacteria, and leaves the skin soft. Full list of ingredients here: 

The spray is easy to bring along when travelling. I usually use this if I am not wearing any socks (like I use flats or sandals) because I do not want my feet to look white due to the powder. The bottle contains 50ml of the product for only 129php. 

Overall, I love all the five products but my top three is the Foot Scrub, the balm, and the cream. If I do it regularly and patiently, my feet also feels like it just came out of a foot spa. I also like it that the whole range is affordable, if you will buy all the five products it will just cost you 665php. That is already the price of one foot spa! But for only 665php you can do it everyday at home - definitely more convenient and economical. The thing I love the most is that I find it effective. I already tried a lot of foot products but this is the one that stays true to its uses. 

Last, the Soothies Foot Care is already available at Watsons! Excited to try it? Join the Blogger Babes Xmas Meet and Greet and Soothies generously provided full size samples inside the loot bag! For more information about Soothies Foot Care, like their page on Facebook at  https://www.facebook.com/Soothies-Foot-Care-Products-326550391216274/. Follow them on Instagram at @soothies to get updates. 

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