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Friday, September 14, 2018 Philippines


As much as I wanted to keep it to myself, it is hard to hide a secret when people can see me studying as much as I can during my free time and when they observe me trying to apply for a long vacation. The pressure of people knowing that I am going to take a huge step in my life is frightening - specially if I fail. The secret is out though. By the end of the year, I am taking a foreign nursing  board exam that will hopefully start a new chapter in my life. But just thinking about it is giving me a nervous breakdown.  

In my age though, studying is hard because my mind is preoccupied with a lot of things, it comprises about my work and "adulting" duties at home, so imagine my struggle as of the moment. Feeling like everything is against me when it comes to time, I just wish everything can be slowed down, stopped, amd let me take a breath!

Literally, I am freaking out. My mind is in a constant clutter! I desperately need to have a better memory retention, to improve my focus for my upcoming examination, and to achieve clarity by prioritizing the thoughts inside my cluttered mind. 

Besides studying and taking a rest, all I need is a boost! (I know that stopping the time is impossible! LOL So I just wish for something that can push me towards my goal.). There are supplements in the market that can help boost the memory as I remembered taking them back in year 2008. Unfortunately, I cannot remember the brand that I used before but I am so happy to discover that a new one is readily available at Mercury Drug Store!!! Is is faith? I wish that it truly is! 

The one boost that I am looking for is finally in my hands, the Spike Dietary Supplement! There are claims that this new dietary supplement has a positive instant effect. Now I am more curious to take it daily! Remember though, taking a supplement does not have approved therapeutic claims just BUT if taking it will improve the chance of being successful in terms of memory, focus, and clarity - of course I will definitely try it!

The good thing about supplements is that, it does not have any side effects that are harmful to our body. It was just like taking your daily dose of vitamins. 

Let us find out more about this Spike Dietary Supplement by continuing to read more below.

Vida Nutriscience, a known manufacturer creating carefully made safe supplements. They manufactured Snow Caps, My Slim, and Snow Crystal White, and the newest - Spike Dietary Supplement.

Spike Dietary Supplement is made with Neuravena 400mg (Avena sativa) and it is the major ingredient. Avena sativa is an extract from an oat plant and has been used for centuries as an ingredient to food and medicines. Did you know that oats (back in the days) are known to decrease anxiety and stress. That is why it is frequently being used as an ingredient for medicines and food for cognitive improvement. According to studies, Neuravena is known to increase concentration and alertness, improves memory retention and performance. 

The other ingredients include: 

1. Magnesium Lactate (100mg) is a mineral that supports the function of the nervous system. It is commonly included as ingredient to medicines used to treat insomnia and depression but in higher dosage.
2. Vitamin B3 (Niacin) (16mg) helps boost brain function. 
3. BioPerine (Piper nigrum) (10mg) helps to increase absorption of ingredients included in the supplement. 
4. AlphaSize (Alpha-Glyceryl Phosphoryl Choline) (10mg) is usually used in sports nutrition related supplements because it helps in muscular optimization and delays mental fatigue. Known to help in keeping memory sharp. 
5. Vitamin B6 (2mg) helps the body produce serotonin and norepinephrine - the hormones that regulates mood and helps in coping to stress.
6. Vitamin B9 (Folic Acid) (0.40mg) is a vital vitamin being prescribed to pregnant women due to its help in development of the brain and spine of the fetus. When used as a regular vitamins, folic acid helps in improving memory.
7. Vitamin B12 (6mcg) is known to help control the metabolism of serotonin thus it may help improve the mood. People with deficiency of Vitamin B12 often have symptoms of forgetfulness. Added ingredient of this in your supplement may help in improving your brain's wellness by preventing the loss of neurons. 
8. Calcium Propionate (as preservatives)
9. Cab-O-Sil (as glidant)

Phew that is a lot of ingredients that I searched and briefly studied. I hope the gist of its benefits will be helpful to you. Generally, all the ingredients are in favor for the brain. It improves the overall performance of our brain by increasing the memory function and retention, improving the focus even under stress. This supplement exactly suits my needs right now! All ticked!

As shown on the box of Spike Dietary Supplement, it was designed to be taken by adults only. One capsule is recommended to be used daily. 

I already took the supplements for almost two weeks now before I shared this review and let me share to you my experience and some tips as well. 

Taking the supplements regularly, I noticed that my mental activity and body is more alert but it does not have the effect of the usual caffeine that leaves my stomach feeling acidic and full. 

Many people claim that they take it after meals but in my experience, I take it before meals while my stomach is empty. Just based on my experience, I had acid reflux whenever I take it with meals instead on an empty one. Please remember though, this is MY personal experience and it can differ from yours. Most importantly, there is no advice from the box on when it should be taken best. So if you plan to try this, observe on when it best works for your body. 

It may sound funny considering that this is a brain booster supplement, but I noticed that I am feeling sleepy a few minutes after taking this supplement during the first few days of intake. With the lethargic feel, I let my body go with the flow, I tried to relax then sleep. The next day, I felt more alert, energetic and I was able to focus more on the things that I wanted to accomplish one at a time. (I even wanted to clean up my room. LOL.) This is new to me because before I added this supplement in my routine, I still feel sleepy whenever I wake up. 

It made me wonder why I felt sleepy instantly after I took this supplement during the first few days. The reason may also be because my body lacks the sleep and rest that it needs after going to work at least 8 hours to 16 hours plus the added routine of having a workout at the gym at least four times a week. Maybe the supplement helped me find the unspoken rest that my brain and body needs, specially since it contains ingredients known to help fight insomnia and fatigue. After more than a week of taking it continuously though, the sleepiness effect disappeared. 

My overall experience has been good and I can tell that I feel more relaxed now even under the stress. I was able to focus and accomplish things at hand better than I usually does. For example, I can study more by having an increased number of questions I can accommodate daily when I study as well as I was able to comprehend the rationalization better. Plus, I can recall what I studied faster than usual. With this experience, I am looking forward to more positive results with continued intake. There is no harm in taking the Spike Dietary Supplement as long as it does not have an adverse reaction. As for me, I did not experience any. Yay!!!

As an advice, please seek a permit first from your doctors first if you are currently experiencing any illness or any allergies, lactating or pregnant as it may have an ingredient that is contraindicated for you; and if you plan to have a teenager take this supplement also ask your pediatrician, as this supplement is designed for adults only. Just a gentle reminder, the results may vary from mine to yours. 

The supplement, Spike Dietary Supplement, is available at Mercury Drug Store. It costs 990php per box of 30 capsules or 33php per capsule. To know more about Spike Dietary Supplement, you can follow them on their Facebook and Instagram pages at @spikebrainbooster. 

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