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Friday, August 10, 2018 Philippines


After emptying my current primers, I opted to buy this Matte About You Pore and Shine Control Primer from Happy Skin. I wanted to try it out first if it is better than my usual primers being used. As you know, the main reason I started out this blog is to explore the choices in the market and find the holy grail! 

Shall we check it out? 

Brand: Happy Skin

Type: Primer

Weight: 25ml

Product Description: 

How To Use: 



The primer is silicon-based that is easy to apply on skin. The texture is smooth and soft. Since it is a silicon-based product, it can fill in my pores. (Check out my photo below.) However, I tend to use a lot more than usual because the product is thicker than usual primers. (The consistency reminded me of Celeteque's Primer.)

The primer was able to improve and even out my skin tone as well as making my skin looked smoother and pore less. (Check out photo below.) It was like the rough edges of my skin became smooth. 

I did not develop any unwanted shine on my skin while I was using this primer. 

It helped in prolonging my makeup look compared when I do not use a primer on my usual makeup routine. 

The primer feels light on skin. The product contains a light refreshing scent. 

It is not included in the product's benefits but I noticed that my skin looked brighter and with slight glow whenever I use this primer. 


No coverage but the product did not claim to give additional coverage. :)

I just noticed that after at least 8 hours, it started to crease in the lines under my eyes. I am sure this is not caused by my foundation (not a concealer too because I did not use one) since my usual foundation did not cause any crease from my other primers. I was able to have a quick remedy by just dabbing a tissue over it. 

Contains lesser amount than usual primer bottles. It only contains 25ml per tube.

A little expensive for a primer, one tube costs 1299php. 


Buy again? 90% (Makes me think twice because of the price, I want to explore my other options.)

Overall Rating: 4/5

Price: 1299php

Where to buy? Happy Skin online website or stores.

Thank you so much for visiting my page and reading my review. Have you tried this too? Were you able to experience my shared thoughts about it? Let us stay connected, keep in touch! :)

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