Dr. Morita: Platinum Colloid and Black Pearl Extraction Moisturizing and Whitening Black Facial Mask

Thursday, August 16, 2018 Philippines


When it comes to face sheet masks, I am always intrigued specially when I know that a brand like this Dr. Morita which is the number 1 choice of face sheet masks in Hong Kong and Taiwan is finally here in the Philippines - readily available! 

Recently, I posted about the launch of Dr. Morita that I attended and as I shared, there are six variants to choose from. I made a question in my Instagram story on which product should I review first and this is the first choice chosen by my followers. Hence, my first review!

Are you excited to read about my very first product review from Dr. Morita? Read more below! 

Brand: Dr. Morita

Type: Platinum Colloid and Black Pearl Extraction Moisturizing and Whitening Black Facial Mask (Phew! That was long!)

Weight: 30g per sheet

Product Description and How To Use: 



This pack comes with a large amount of essence in it. If you plan to collect this one, ready a container wherein you can transfer the excess essence because you can use it to other things. Do not waste it Beauties! You can use it on your neck, chest or even elbows. 

The mask is thin and to apply it better, it was attached to a film that you can remove after application. Besides being lightweight, the mask comes with a slits so I was able to adjust the mask to fit perfectly for my face. Though I had a little hard time to fit the eye area. LOL.

No strong fragrance noted on the mask even though it is heavily saturated with the essence. (Perfect for those sensitive to strong scented products.)

While the mask is on, it feels cool and refreshing. I did not experience any discomfort while wearing it. 

After removal, my face is damp with the essence and it feels a little sticky. At first I was afraid that the stickiness will leave a residual throughout the night but to my surprise after my skin fully absorbed the essence, the stickiness is completely gone! The results, my face became instantly smooth and soft. Plus, well hydrated! I used my reliable MiLi Skin Moisture Detector and from initial reading of 40.4% (Average), my skin's moisture level increased to 42.1% (Moist)! The moisture level increased by 1.7% which is kind of high compared to my other face sheet masks.

If you frequently watch my Instagram Stories, I posted about this mask while I was using it. After removing it, I posted a photo of my skin and it has an instant glow! 

For the whitening effect that the mask claims, I was disappointed that I did not see it upon removal. To my surprise the next morning, my skin indeed looked whiter and brighter! So I guess it took the whole night to have the essence work on the whitening effect. (I will not complain again...LOL...just an impatient little brat here!)

I think I found the holy grail for masks! I was able to get the results that I wanted from a skincare routine with just one product though I might add some product for my eyes from a separate product. Still, I want to try their other variants first before I claim it completely to be a holy grail!


Well, to others the price 74php may be a little expensive, but I am telling you Beauties, this is definitely worth your money! 


Buy again? 100%

Overall Rating: 5/5

Price: 74php

Where to buy? Watsons and SM Beauty Section

Yay! Thank you for being helpful to me when I asked on what mask you would like me to try it first. So what should I try on next? Stay connected Beauties! Love you all! :)

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