MAC: Enchanted One Lipstick (Re-Do Review)

Saturday, July 28, 2018 Philippines


Compared on how I review my products when I started my blog to the present, I know that I am not as detailed and I do not post photos on how it looks like on me. I already posted a review about this MAC's limited edition, Alluring Aqua Enchanted One Lipstick BUT since it is one of my favorite MAC products (ever!), I decided to re-do my review. 

Just to give justice to my favorite MAC lipstick for all time, let us check it out! 

Brand: MAC

Type: Matte Lipstick

Edition: Limited (Alluring Aqua)

Weight: 3g

Shade: Enchanted One

Product Description: (From Temptalia's Website) Warm coral with a matte finish.



The packaging alone makes me love this limited edition lipstick! I consider this one of the best limited edition makeup line released by MAC and I really wish they will have a throwback for it. (If they will, I will definitely hoard!)

I know that its shade is a common nude but there is something about its kind of nude that it does not look as bare as it looks. It is one of my favorite, "My Lips But Better" Lipsticks. I am so sad that I already used half of it because this is a limited edition! Even though it looks so much like MAC's Kinda Sexy, it still looks different for me. 

Even though the formula is matte, it is easy to glide on over my lips. It lasts long for at least 6 hours without eating a full and greasy meals. The color on my lips decreases upon eating but not fully removed. Since it is nude, it is not that noticeable. It does not leave any stain on the lips.

It minimally transfers on utensils. 

Highly pigmented, one layer is enough to fully coat my lips.


Builds up on dry patches of my lips. 

Limited edition! *crying*


Buy again? 100%

Overall Rating: 5/5

Price: 1100php

Where to buy? I don't know if you can still find a re-seller who still have this. 

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