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Saturday, July 7, 2018 Philippines


Hello Beauties! It has been a while since I posted my last detailed product review so for today, let me share to you my input for Esfolio's Luffa Peeling Gel

In my case, I usually use peeling gels for my Step 1 in Korean Skincare. Though it is not recommended to be used daily as over exfoliating may be bad for our skin. For me, I do it at least twice to three times a week. 

To all of the peeling gels that I tried, let us how this one fares. 

Brand: Esfolio

Type: Peeling Gel 

Weight: 23g

Product Description and Ingredients: 


The peeling gel is not sticky and it is easy to use. I had fun rubbing it on my skin, I feel like I can remove most of my dead skin even with just a small amount of this product. 

The scent is fruit-like but mild and the tube is tightly sealed. 

Even though I rubbed it longer than I should (I told you that I enjoyed using it. LOL.), it still feels gentle to my skin. No sting nor feeling raw after use. 

I saw a lot of the peeled gel in a darker color (like dirt) on the sink while I was rubbing it off and washing my face, I am sure that most of my dead skin was included in the peeled off gels. 

Last, do you know what I loved the most with this product? My skin feels moisturized even after use! You know the feeling that you just used a cream or a moisturizer then it was already fully absorbed by your skin - that is how it feels like after I washed my skin and dried it. It instantly felt smooth and soft. 

So far, this is my favorite among my peeling gel collections. I am so glad I was able to discover this and try it first-hand. Now I am curious to try other variants of Esfolio's Peeling Gels. 

Cons: None noted


Buy again? 100%

Overall Rating: 5/5

Price: 369php

Where to buy? Esfolio website, BeautyMNL

Thank you for reading my review. More to come soon! So take care and God bless everyone!

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