Althea's Bare Essentials: Simplified Skincare Routine + Review

Tuesday, July 24, 2018 Philippines


A good skincare routine is tedious and usually it takes a lot of time in our hands. Althea offered a great solution through their own skincare line, Bare Essentials. Being a fan of Korean Skincare Routine, this makes my life a whole lot easier. With just three steps, my routine is done and it does not cost much! 

Basically, Bare Essentials is a skincare routine simplified! Perfect for starters. With just three products, you will get the good skin you deserve. 

I will review the products step by step, okay? 

Step 1: Cleanse your skin with Contour Cleanser


Enriched with Ice Plant, Lemon Verbena Leaf, this cleanser targets in helping the skin heal from inflammations making it softer as well as smoother. Even though it is a foam cleanser, it contains small exfoliants in the cream which also helps the skin look brighter and smoother. 

The cleanser is refreshing to the skin. Do you wonder however why it was called Contour Cleanser? One of the ingredients helps in the blood circulation, with improved blood circulation, it helps to form the V-shaped look. 

The foam lathers well so this tube will definitely last long!

Step 2: Additional Cleansing Using the Primer Water


This Primer Water reminded me of Shiseido's Softener and L'Oreal's Power Water. This is the kind of toner that is completely harm-free. It is so gentle and feels like water. Primer Water by Bare Essentials was designed to prepare the skin for your next skincare product and also by adding more moisture. 

Enriched with Snow Lotus and Dewdrop Technology, it accelerates cell metabolism, making the skin fight aging. Also, it brightens spots on skin. The primer water was absorbed quickly by the skin. It smells great too!

Best used with fingers than cotton pads. I swear the cotton absorbs all the water! LOL. 

Step 3: Moisturize your skin with Fixer Cream


Enriched with Wild Green Tea, Trehalose, Baobab Tree Extract - it hydrates and soothes the skin while making sure that the skin retains it. Plus, it helps in the production of collagen. 

The moisturizer is rather thick and creamy but it is easy to apply on the skin. Even though it is thick and creamy, it did not leave my skin greasy. Actually, it dried quickly and was fully absorbed by my skin. 

You only need a small amount for this one, too much will leave your skin heavy and deeply saturated. I used my Mili Skin Moisture Detector to check the improvement regarding hydration. My skin before use hydration level is 38.1% which is considered normal. It increased to 39.3% after the Fixer Cream was fully absorbed by my skin. The total increase is by 1.2% which is quite high for a skincare product. 

The Fixer Cream gives a light, healthy-looking glow to the skin. 

For only 1490php, it completes the essential needs of my skin! All in all, it made my skin smoother, softer, and most of all - feeling fresh! Of course, it is still not complete because there is no serum nor eye cream but you can easily add this to the entire routine. 

Want to get this set quickly? Althea still offers it in promotional price. Get the whole set for only 1341php and you may get a hand mirror until supplies last!

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