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Sunday, April 8, 2018 Philippines


In my skincare routine, most of the times, I am already asleep during the mask time and I seldom forget to put my night cream or moisturizer. The best time to prevent aging is during our 30's and I am already 30 years old right now so I better start to seriously take care of my skin. 

Thanks to L'Oreal for sending me their Revitalift Laser X3 Product Line and for today I will be reviewing the Night Cream. 

The Revitalift Laser X3 Night Cream Mask is known to its effect like you had a laser treatment done but instead of having it done outside your home, you get to do it conveniently by yourself through topical products. 

How it works? Let us find out by getting into finer details. 

Brand: L'Oreal

Line: Revitalift Laser X3

Type: Night Cream 

Weight: 50ml

Product Description: 



With the ingredient Pro-Xylane, it helps our skin keep the moisture that can improve its density to prevent lines. Laser treatments decreases age lines just like how this moisturizer works. 

At first, I expected the night cream mask to be greasy because the texture is thick. After a while upon application, it was fully absorbed by my skin without leaving any greasy feel. My skin instantly felt smoother and soft. 

I have a combination type of skin so usually the next day upon waking up, my skin is more greasy than usual if I used a serum and moisturizer than the night before. With this product used alone, I can see that it was effective in hydrating my skin as it also felt greasy upon waking up. Just like the effect when I use the combination of serum and a moisturizer.

If you really have a dry skin, I would suggest that you try this one as I find it very hydrating. I tested it with my Mili Moisture Detector, my skin's moisture level before application is 33.2% which is considered average. After the night cream was fully absorbed and felt dry on my skin, I tested it again and the level increased to 35.8% and that is at least 2.6% increase in my skin's moisture level. Yay!

With continued use in a month, I noticed that my skin is a little brighter and younger looking. For the lines, there is no visible difference yet for me. 


Slightly expensive for 1499php per tub. 


Buy again? 90%

Overall Rating: 5/5

Price: 1499php 

Where to buy? Lazada, BeautyMNL, L'Oreal Stores in Department Stores, Watsons. 

The last Revitalift Laser X3 that I will be reviewing is the Day Cream so stay posted! Thank you for visiting my blog Beauties! 

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