Beauty Confidential: BDJ X Project Vanity's Beauty Bootcamp

Monday, February 12, 2018 Philippines


I remember that I first started attending beauty events by signing up with BDJ's beauty bootcamps. Back then, they do it at least twice a year and I always sign up for it even if it is located as far as Mall of Asia. Imagine my excitement when I got invited to attend BDJ and Project Vanity's collaboration for a beauty bootcamp is definitely over the roof! It surely brought up a lot of good memories! 

Liz Lanuzo: Founder and Editor-In-Chief of

There are a lot of beauty bloggers that I looked up to when I started mine and one of my favorites include Liz Lanuzo of Project Vanity. She used to be the sole writer of the page but it developed into something more beautiful and open as it is now a page composed of several beauty gurus sharing their own reviews and experiences. 

So when BDJ and Project Vanity combined for a Beauty Bootcamp, I know that I should definitely not miss this! Count me in, Girls! 

In this Beauty Bootcamp, just like the previous ones, it contains a lot of workshops, brand exhibits wherein there is a lot of sales and promos offered by brands! If you are lucky in joining their games, you can win some freebies too! I usually splurge when there is a beauty bootcamps because I can score amazing deals like 30 to 40% off in usual SRPs! This time though, I was able to resist shopping and just bought one highlighter from Ever Bilena. Yay! 

Anyway, watch the short video of me exploring the booths and unboxing my BDJ X Project Vanity Loot Bag:

The event was held at Glorietta Activity Center last February 11 and the program first started with Carefree and Lay Bare sharing their intimate beauty secrets. For me, this beauty bootcamp with Project Vanity is one of the most anticipated gathering this year!

The brands from the beauty exhibits includes: Celeteque, Revlon, COSRx, Pink Sugar, SebaMed, Bioderma, Colourette, BYS, Zenutrients, Ever Bilena, Ellana Minerals, In Her Element, Makeup World, Max Factor, Chihuahua, The Body Shop, Nuxe, K-Palette, Listerine, Canmake, Cover Girl, and Colour Collection. Phew...that is a lot, right? It will definitely satisfy the vanity in you! :)

For the workshops, the topics have an amazing line-up and as much as I wanted to attend all of it, I sadly had to leave early because I still have work. :(

Basically, the event is for us Filipinas to understand the importance of taking care of ourselves and be confident about it. This is the secret in feeling empowered and I believe that too! 

I hope there would be more future BDJ Beauty Bootcamps in collaboration with Project Vanity again and also to other beauty bloggers or vloggers out there! This is a great time that we all could bond and enjoy the moment!

Which one from my BDJ X Project Vanity Kit would you like me to feature first here on my blog? 

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