Bare It All: Intimate Beauty Secrets Revealed By Empowered Women

Sunday, February 11, 2018 Philippines


Last February 11, I was invited to attend Project Vanity and BDJ's collaboration for a Beauty Confidential event wherein women can enjoy loads of services, fun activities and great beauty sales! 

Watch a short video about the event here: 

During this wonderful time, I learned (and just wanted to share) that Carefree and Lay Bare team up to tackle women's intimate beauty secrets to embolden Filipinas to feel more confident and beautifully fresh everyday! 

Day by day, left and right - we see women talk and share experiences about the best tips on makeup, skincare, and healthy lifestyle habits to keep themselves in tip-top shape. But behind closed door, we find Filipinas spending many hours taking hidden rituals - the intimate beauty secrets - that are undeniably integral to the foundations of their private beauty routines. It just proves that for women, feeling beautiful starts with feeling clean and fresh - especially down there. Rarely a topic of conversation, girls have been shying away from sharing, and sadly, even merely asking how and why they should take care for their most sensitive part of the body, without enough opportunities for girls to discover and exchange their grooming secrets, women always feel that intimate hygiene is a restricted subject - but it doesn't have to be. 

Two of the most trusted brands by Filipinas today, Carefree and Lay Bare team up for the first time as they are the champions for the intimate grooming. This is to provide a platform that boldly allows women to get real together about their feminine hygiene needs, discover secret care tips for their private area, and ultimately, be proud of the intimate beauty secrets they keep that upgrade their beauty quotient and boost their overall confidence. 

The Brand Manager of Carefree, Ms. Claire Ericta said: "We talked to women and found out that simply looking good is not enough to make them feel empowered and ready to take on anything. At the core of our findings is how feeling fresh and clean down there is extremely important for all women to help her feel poised to conquer her endeavors. Just like the right outfit or makeup that makes you look good, the right feminine hygiene makes you feel even better." She also added, "In addition to washing, adopting the daily habit of using Carefree panty liners can help them feel clean and fresh down there throughout the day, everyday. You know that feeling when you have this secret source of confidence and self-assurance? It goes a long way and make women feel invincible to achieve their day-to-day hustle."

Left to Right: Ms. Gretchen Ho, Ms. Claire Ericta and Ms. Christine David

Ms. Christine David, Lay Bare's Senior Manager for Learning and Development and Service Delivery Champion, also echoes how intimate grooming these is not just another vanity act but an integral part of hygiene rituals. "A proper intimate hygiene ritual for women does not just guarantee physical cleanliness," shared David. "Lay Bare has been known for our Brazilian waxing services that help women not just to feel fresh, but provide the utmost hygienic benefits too. Feeling clean and fresh down there also gives you that extra boost of confidence when you feel and lock your best as you set out to the world."

During the one-day only Carefree X Lay Bare event, Carefree's Intimate Beauty Ambassador, Ms. Gretchen Ho, also took the stage to proudly reveal how her own intimate beauty secrets encourage her confidence while she navigates her transformative twenties as a volleyball star, celebrity host, and most importantly, as a woman. 

The Carefree X Lay Bare Intimate Beauty Studio was designed provide a fun, quirky but educational space for women to know more about intimate beauty grooming, and share their own intimate beauty secrets with others too. For Carefree and Lay Bare, it all begins by pooling together brave and modern women to start the conversation about the personal, and sometimes, secret "rituals" and hygiene needs women deserve to realize and embrace - and today, they are finally taking it on.

Carefree and Lay Bare Team

Do not miss your chance to elevate your intimate beauty rituals this February 2018 by visiting participating Lay Bare Waxing Salon branches to avail of free Carefree panty liners. Visit the official Facebook page of Carefree Philippines at for more information. 

The tips that I learned throughout the beauty secrets shared by Ms. Gretchen, Ms. Christine and Ms. Claire are: 
1. Sleep is important in keeping ourselves fresh!
2. Wear Carefree panty liners to keep fresh and it will also prolong the life of your lingeries. 
3. The soothing moisturizers by Lay Bare used after waxing that can also be used in skin (for face also) since it is gentle and ready for all skin types. 

Thank you Carefree and Lay Bare, for me, I only use Carefree for my panty liners, make sure to drop by to participating Lay Bare branches to get your free Carefree panty liners! For threading services, I always go to Lay Bare SM North Branch! Hope to catch you there sometimes!

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