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Wednesday, January 24, 2018 Philippines


The first time that I was able to try Make Up Forever product is during Nikki Tiu's workshop last year and luckily, there is a make over GC included in the loot bag. I used the GC last year during Rochelle's birthday party but today I will be sharing my review about the product that I learned to love during the make over session. 

Watch my make over session below: 

Besides their famous HD foundations, the brow liner caught my interest. I never seen my brows looking so naturally beautiful before! It was like a magical moment, I instantly liked the look of my brows! So I bought one.

The makeup artist used the Brow Liner and she said that this product is one of their best sellers. 

Shall we check it out?

Brand: Make Up Forever

Type: Brow Liner

Shade: 20

Weight: 2.8ml

Product Description and Ingredients: 

The packaging looks like the brow liner is a mascara but when you open it, it has a wand that looks like a liquid liner brush. 


The brow liner offers a pigmented color for a gel-like liquid. The amazing thing with this liquid eye brow liner is that it lasts long! It will stay in your eyebrows until you remove it. That good! Besides the lasting power, it is transfer-free as well even though I do sweat and wipe my forehead often with a handkerchief. By the end of the day, it did not even fade that sometimes I feel like it is a crime to finally remove it. LOL. 

The fine tip of the brow liner is a little tricky to use. I had a hard time using it at first because you will need to apply it softly and gently while mimicking the strands of hair. It may take a long time before you are done but if I needed to have a quick makeup application, I use a brow brush instead. I just dab the brow brush on the side and get enough product from the brow liner tip. 

The color looks nice and natural on my face. When I tried this, I liked it better than Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade. To think that I thought Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade will be my holy grail! 


The liquid easily dries and I do not know if I use too much product in every application but I think I will empty it by three months or less. LOL. Make sure to store it properly to avoid drying up.

It is quite expensive for a brow product. 



Buy again? 100%

Overall Rating: 5/5

Price: 1350php

Where to buy? Make Up Forever Stalls

Thank you for visiting my page and reading my review. You should definitely try this brow liner! I highly recommend it! 

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