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Monday, January 22, 2018 Philippines


You do not have to look too far as beauty is now within our reach with its good location at 35 Timog Avenue, Quezon City. Beauty Empire is the latest skin care and aesthetic center that offers beauty treatments, enhancement procedures and organic products that guarantee optimum results. The center offers the most advanced and latest skin care and beauty therapies at the friendliest prices!

Promise, they really do have affordable prices that is why Beauty is really within our reach! Check out their price list of services below: 

I was able to try the Cavitation for abdomen and it works just like my experience with other known skincare clinics that is more expensive. In fact, there are added steps to Cavitation with Beauty Empire's service that I was not able to try from others. 

Beauty Empire is the brainchild of Ms. Dorothy Joy Matulac, who, as a young girl, wanted to become a flight attendant for an international carrier, "I wanted to travel and see the world. I wanted to discover places and cultures that I have never seen or encountered before," she says. But her dreams of traveling around that world had to take a backseat. Already working even in college, she instead pursued a degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management. 

Later, she met the man who would eventually help her discover a career that she was passionate about: the art, science and business of beauty. "I've always loved beauty - not just physical beauty, but beauty in everything. Beauty relaxes the mind but inspires the imagination, so I am drawn to anything and everything that is beautiful. So, when I met my husband, Dr. Alvin, who is a dermatologist, I was instantly drawn to his line of work." Joy says. 

Joy saw how passionate her husband was about making people feel good about themselves by transforming them into the best that they can be. Since he is a dermatologist, he has a deep knowledge and understanding about the science and art behind beauty. By closely observing her husband, and by asking questions, Joy learned a lot about the procedures that addresses particular skin and beauty problems, the new techniques and machinery that help people achieve healthier and more beautiful complexions, and the latest trends and technologies in the beauty business. 

"My husband manufactures his own skin care and beauty products - soaps that address specific skin problems, serums, supplements, solutions for cleansing skin, toners, moisturizers and makeup - under the brand Professional Skin Care by Dr. Alvin. Although these products are already available nationwide, I thought of putting up a beauty and aesthetic center that uses only this brand. That was how Beauty Empire came about. It opened just October of this year. Now, Dr. Alvin is already creating an exclusive line of products under the Beauty EMpire brand." she relates. 

Back in college, I used to use the Professional Skin Care but there came a time that there are fake products being sold and the authentic ones are hard to find! It is good to know that now, I know where exactly to find the original products being sold - at Beauty Empire! 

So, why choose Beauty Empire? Because Joy envisioned a beauty hub that offers a wide range of skin care and aesthetic treatments for everyone - no matter that their financial status. "Of course, Beauty Empire is a business, but it is not just a business. My husband and I have made it our advocacy to give people of all ages and of all social backgrounds the access to treatments that are normally not within easy reach of everyone without sacrificing quality of products, services, and results. Making people happy makes us happy." she explains. 

Beauty Empire takes pride in its line of treatments that represent the latest breakthroughs in beauty trends and technologies. Some of Beauty Empires signature treatments include an array of facials like the popular Celebrity Facial which includes cleansing, facial massage, steaming, and blackheads and whiteheads removal. It includes a collagen mask and finishes with Vitamins C and E treatments. 

The Oxygen Infusion Facial is a high-frequency facial with oxygen infusion, 24-karat gold mask, and Vitamins C and E treatments. The Empire Signature Facial includes diamond peel, biolift oxygen infusion, and Gold Bio-Collagen Facial Mask. For a cleaner and clearer complexion, Beauty Empire also specializes in Warts Removal and IPL Hair Removal. Non-invasive fat-burning therapies to make the skin more supple and younger looking include Cavitation and Radio Frequency Procedures. 

Gaining a strong following is the CC Treatment which gives the skin a semi-permanent foundation through an advanced skin pigmentation procedure using organic pigments. The process also stimulates collagen production to make skin softer, more elastic and younger-looking. 

In addition, those who seek healthier skin from the inside out can avail of the different intravenous procedures such as the Glutathione Drip and Vitamin C Drip. "These are procedures that boost the immune system, make the body healthier and more energized and keep the effect of ageing away. The result is, of course, a healthier and more beautiful skin." she notes. 

Beauty Empire also offers medical procedures such as FIllers (Nasolabial, Nose, Chin augmentation, Cheek augmentation, and lip augmentation), Botox treatments, and Meso procedures. "These procedures are done in some of the most prestigious hospitals by our partner doctors which include some of the most reputable dermatologists and cosmetic surgeons. So, everything is guaranteed safe." says Joy. 

Likewise, Beauty Empire is making available the best quality Glutathione and Garcinia Cambogia. "We manufacture our own using only organic products that have been approved by the BFAD. So, they're totally safe to use." she stresses. 

With Michelle of, Ms. Dorothy Joy Matulac and Rochelle of

"Beauty Empire is dedicated to give the best treatments at the lowest possible prices because we want to give everyone a fair chance to be the best versions of themselves. In the end, we aim to beautify not just the physical aspect of a person. We at the Beauty Empire, through our services and products, to hope to develop confidence and a stronger sense of self-worth in everyone who comes to our doors." she concludes. 

I received some goodies from The Beauty Empire and since I received two sets of the Rejumax, I will be giving away the extra set to my readers! All you have to do is join the Rafflecopter. Make sure you follow it because I will be checking your entries. Also, the giveaway is open to Philippine residents only because I will ship the prize. Thank you and have fun! 

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