My 2017 Skincare Product Favorites

Monday, January 1, 2018 Philippines


Happy new year Beauties!!! How did you spend your new year? I am sure wherever you are, you all celebrated the holidays with love and gift-giving together with your family! 

This year, I am looking forward to more exciting reviews, event posts and hopefully travel blogs (and vlogs) to you my readers. Also, I wish I could meet more of you personally, together with my fellow Blogger Babes, we will try to hold another Meet and Greet. I will also run more giveaways this year...Yay! So, if you have any requests for anything you would like me to tackle (talk about things, review products or services, etc.), please do not hesitate to message me. You can contact me through my email, Facebook Page and Instagram, okay? :)

For a blog starter post this 2018, I would like to reflect on my favorite skincare products for the year 2017! Shall we go check it out? Do we have the same favorites? Come on and let us find out!

To remove my makeup when I am too lazy to use the usual makeup remover and cotton (which is most of the time...LOL!) - this Happy Skin Make A Clean Sweep is a great ally!

With my busy schedule, I love using the Esfolio Green Tea Cleansing Tissue on the go since this gentle tissue maintains the hydration of my skin and still able to clean it well. 

For exfoliation and purifying of my skin, I use L'Oreal's Illuminating Pure Clay Mask at least once to twice a week in rotation to my other exfoliating products. This jar is close to empty and I cannot wait to try the other variants! 

This facial wash is gentle to my skin, I love using it for double cleansing after I remove my makeup. 

My all time favorite toner or rather softener. It can remove dirt left on my face that was not cleaned by both makeup remover and facial wash. I want to try the White Lucent Softener soon!

I find this effective in keeping my skin supple and plump, I really feel like it helps whatever product I put on after to be fully absorbed by my skin. 

7. Shiseido White Lucent Micro Spot Corrector

Oh my, this latest discovery of Shiseido's serum is a must-have! Review ongoing. 

Who knew that I will be addicted to Hydrogel Eye Patches? Anyway, sometimes when I am too tired, I skip all the steps in Korean skincare routine, except for this one and the face mask. 

I was able to try a lot of face masks this 2017 but this one became a must-have in my stash!

There you go, do we all have same favorites? Stay posted as for my next blog post, I will be sharing my 2017 Makeup Product favorites! Thank you for supporting me for the past few years and let us make this 2018 more exciting! Take care and have fun Beauties!

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