Top 5 Highlights Of My 2017!

Sunday, December 31, 2017 Philippines


1. Blogger Babes Christmas Meet

Of course, this meet and greet with my fellow beauty blogger babes (whom I consider my friends and sisters) is the biggest highlight of my year. I never knew that it would bring so much joy and serve as a fulfilling moment for me. I cannot wait to have another special day with them and our supporters!

2. Vlogging Experience

I was able to practice my vlogging skills for the year of 2017 and I hope I could do better and more committed this 2018 specially when I get messages on how helpful some of my videos are to them. This is my main reason why I blog and vlog - to be able to help others when it comes to beauty and life. 

Also, I want to improve my editing skills! I will try to post more personal things this coming 2018 if you want me too! Let me know if you want by posting some comments below. Subscribe to my YouTube channel please, thank you! :)

3. Being A Part Of The Maybelline Squad Philippines

Maybelline is one of my favorite brands and I am so delighted and honored to be a member of the Maybelline Squad Philippines. Plus, I earned new great friends and I am so happy to spend most of my time with them. 

4. Being Able To Meet Women I Idolize

These beautiful women inspires me to be better and I am so happy that this year, I was able to meet them! I hope I could meet more people who inspire me this 2018!

5. Attending Great Workshops

I am so happy to attend two great and knowledgeable workshops this 2017 (AMW Photography Makeup and Sample Room's Vlogging Workshop)! I cannot wait to learn new skills this 2018!

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