Blogger Babes Christmas Meet & Greet 2017

Sunday, December 3, 2017 Philippines


NOTE: Photos without watermark were provided by Shutter Count Photography

Ever since I started (seriously) blogging in 2013 (though I started this account back in 2005), I love attending workshops, events and most importantly joining meet and greet with my favorite bloggers. Like when I attended Kaycee's meet and greet in 2014! Today, it still feels surreal that I will be having my own meet and greet with our supporters! This is my first time Beauties! 

In my opinion, this will not be possible if not for my good friend/blogger, Rochelle of who first thought of the collaboration. She just started a group chat together with my other beauty blogger friends, Michelle, Kaycee and Gen-zel and ta-da - we are all in! I am so thankful to have friends like them in this beauty industry. I found sisters in this big world! 

The main reason why we wanted to have a meet and greet is to give back to our followers, readers and supporters this Christmas season! Why not, right? You are the reason why we are still inspired to write and to continue what we do. 

Organizing this was difficult with our busy schedules specially to Rochelle who shouldered most of the work in making this happen. Still, we were able to pull it off and made it happen last December 3, 2017 at Robinsons Magnolia Residences Tower A Function Room!

The event started at around 4PM and the opening prayer was led by Roxane Cabile-Montierro. To see all of you arrive at the meet and greet filled us all with excitement and gratitude. 

In planning this meet and greet, we reached out to our favorite brands that we believe in and they generously shared tokens and gifts for all of you because they also wanted the guests to have a great time! We hope you will continue to support them too as this #BloggerBabesXmasMeet will not be as successful without the support and generous gifts of our sponsors. 

Belle De Jour Planner 

All guests got a Dare To Be Grateful Cards from their loot bag. 

All of us Blogger Babes supports women empowerment. So the Belle De Jour Planner Dare To Be Grateful Cards are perfect with its prompt, quote, or question that will reflect on being grateful or positive in your lives. Each card has a corresponding challenge for you to accomplish and that will encourage you to show your gratitude or positivity to the world. 

To know more about their products and services, log on to their website at

Big Guys Pizza 

A big pizza snack was provided by Big Guys Pizza that all the guests enjoyed and feasted on. It was huge, tasty and affordable! For a little over 1000php, enjoy 70+ slices of 36 inch pizza that can feed up to 20 persons!

Big Guys Pizza currently has 14 branches across Metro Manila and will soon expand all over the Philippines. Visit for more information. 

Charms For Luck

Charms For Luck gave a necklace with Rose Quartz pendant for each loot bag. Also, the Blogger Babes received a bracelet and bangle with Rose Quartz charm! Thank you!

Rose Quartz symbolized unconditional love and infinite peace. It was absolutely the perfect Christmas gift a woman could receive as it purifies and opens the heart at all levels and brings deep inner healing and self-love.

Home of Authentic Lucky Charms & Healing Crystals


Each loot bag also contains a Crystalderm Papaya Soap and two gift packs were raffled during the event. Thanks to our gorgeous friend Kaye of for sponsoring. 

FAD/FDA-Approved Whitening & Beauty Products

Ellana Minerals

Each loot bag contains an Ellana Minerals premium samples. Also, one of their bestsellers, a 10 pieces Brush Cleaner, were used as prizes during games.  

Beauty That Does More. The Philippine's #1 Mineral Makeup Brand, making every woman radiant. Shop online at

Gardenia Delicia

Gardenia raffled 10 gift baskets containing their delicious bread and spread. Congratulations to the following for winning the gift baskets: 

1. Angelie Namindang
2. Fritz Prieto
3. Jenina Vicencio 
4. Geram May Fernandez 
5. Vivian Chu
6. Marie Roxanne Santos
7. Maria Kristine Molina
8. Almaira Casanguan
9. Rocel Villasis
10. Nica Abad

Each loot bag also contains their delicious pocket sandwich. The Blogger Babes also received the gift basket and box of pocket sandwich. Thank you so much Gardenia Delicia!

Gardenia Philippines offers a wide array of superior bakery products including white and wheat breads, health breads, flavored loaves, pandesal and snack items like snack cakes, muffins and toasts.

Gardenia breads are known for their good taste, freshness, softness, oven-baked aroma and nutritive value.
Visit for more information. 

Jeunesse Anion 

Gift packs were raffled for postings about the event on Instagram. Prizes will be shipped by Jeunesse Anion. 

It's the first Sanitary Napkin with Anion in the retail market. Scientifically tested to help eliminate odor and bacteria. 

Visit for more information. 

Jolly Cow Philippines 

Gift packs were raffled for postings about the event on Instagram. Prizes will be shipped by Jolly Cow.

Jolly Cow is a UHT Fresh Milk made with 3.5% butterfat content making it a creamylicious drink sourced from Germany's premium and purest farms.

Kanebo Philippines 

Each loot bag has a premium samples from Kanebo Philippines. 

KANEBO is a cosmetics brand that brings out your inner allure with its "Chrono Beauty" skincare and makeup with 5R color technology
Visit for more information. 

Kate Tokyo Philippines 

Each loot bag has a premium samples from Kate Tokyo Philippines.

KATE TOKYO is a trendy and innovative brand of makeup that embodies the fun and unique spirit of Tokyo. Visit for more information.

Kaleisha Collection 

Thanks to our gorgeous friend Kaye of for giving away 5 gift packs from her Kaleisha Collection.

Your online shopping haven for fashionable & affordable closet staples πŸŽ€ Be a fashionista, wear KALEISHA πŸ“±T/V: 0917-8087825 πŸ‡΅πŸ‡­ Nationwide shipping.

Photo credit to Rochelle Rivera

Ladykin Philippines

Ladykin gave a complete set of Korean goodies for raffle! Roxane Cabile-Montierro won the Ladykin gift pack!
Founded in 2005, Korean leading beauty and cosmetic brand, Ladykin having years of know-how, provides the best quality cosmetics with reasonable prices. VCASA INTERNATIONAL INC. has become an official distributor in Philippines.

You can buy Ladykin products at PUREBEAUTY Serendra/Trinoma/Glorietta 4 

Visit for more information
May Sparkling Wine Philippines

Gift packs were raffled for postings about the event on Instagram. Prizes will be shipped by May Sparkling Wine Philippines.
May Sparkling Juice is a delightful drink, ideal for parties. It's a refreshing, non-alcoholic drink that is made from selected grapes. Enjoy two delightful flavors of Red and White Grape.

Mischka Nature Essentials

10 lucky guests won Shape Up Coffee from Mischka Nature Essentials.

For order/inquiries, kindly 
VIBER: 09398695081
or PM Mischka Nature Essentials on Facebook

Enhancing the beauty of Individuals with Eco-friendly Beauty ProductπŸƒ (TRUSTED SINCE 2012) πŸ’™

The Opulence Skin

Opulence Skin gave 10 complete full-size whitening sets as prizes for the Bingo and for the raffle, Opulence gave 20 moisturizing creams!
Opulence Skin = Effective + Affordable. Proudly made in the Philippines using the best local and imported active ingredients.

Visit for more information. 

Panasonic Beauty Philippines 

Panasonic Beauty Philippines provided the makeup workshop station. Also, they provided the grand raffle prizes of hair straightener, hair dyer, and facial ionic steamer. The lucky guest Arleen Oboguin brought her lucky charm and won the Panasonic nanoe hair straightener worth P6,999.00. Vivian Balana-Chu won the Panasonic hair dryer worth P4,999.00. Mitzi Mendoza won the Panasonic Nanocare Facial Ionic Steamerworth P6,499.00.

For more information please visit

Vanity Mirror by Pretty Toolbox

This is where I ordered my vanity mirror, as well as Rochelle. I featured their shop here on my blog before. Besides their vanity mirrors, they also sell other beauty tools. 

Each loot bag contains the Egg Brush Cleaner sponsored by Vanity Mirror by Pretty Toolbox!

Makers of Vanity and Celebrity Mirror in the Philippines. For inquiries and orders, contact or viber at 0915-211-3000

Shutter Count Photography

Shutter Count is our primary photographer and video cover. Thank you to Michelle and Benj for sponsoring!

Photo and video services for Kiddie Parties, Weddings and Lifestyle. For inquiries and rates, please email


SvelT'i is one of my trusted beauty service providers. They sponsored gift certificates of either Thermogenic, clarity facial or acne facial randomly placed on each loot bags!

Now, you will also be confidently beautiful like us #BloggerBabes when you try our favorite services - Facial, Accufirme and Thermogenic. SveLT'i promotes effective and safe treatments that will definitely help you increase your body's metabolic process. You'll achieve better relaxation, sleep, and energize your body during the day. 

Thank you Dra. Marj Salazar for your generosity and for gracing our Christmas Party with your gorgeous presence.

To know more about SvelT’i’s treatments, please inquire at (02)332-7546 / 09188-SVELTI (783584) 

Visit the clinic at 5F South Insula Condominium #61 Timog Avenue, Quezon City from Mondays to Fridays from 9am-6pm and Saturdays from 8am-1pm.


Rochelle graciously donated Downy products and Safeguard soaps for the loot bags because it is one of the trusted brands known to take care of our skin and clothes! She also bought hair accessories for giveaways!

We, all Blogger Babes, also donated some of our extra skincare or makeup products for raffles. 

Phew...that is a lot of sponsors and we are so grateful because no one came home empty-handed. One of the highlights during the meet and greet is Gen-zel's makeup workshop! We chose a model that came with no makeup at all and Arleen Oboguin became Gen-zel's model!

We are so thankful and we are so happy that I think I am still high even after the event. The joy and love that you gave to all of us, Blogger Babes are a blessing. We blog because we are blessed and we wanted to share them specially this Christmas season. All of our supporters, readers and followers deserve this and from the bottom of our hearts, we all thank you for the motivation and inspiration that you give to us. 

To my fellow Blogger Babes, I am so thankful that I found new friends and sisters in this blogging industry. I will always appreciate the friendship that we formed throughout the years! 

Wait! Before you close this page and went on what you are currently doing, share this blog post and show some more love every day to be one of our guests in the Blogger Babes Valentines Party! (#BloggerBabesVdayMeet) Say yes?!

Christine Fernandez

Rochelle Rivera

Michelle Estranero

Kaycee Enerva

Gen-Zel Habab

For the official photos from Shutter Count, you can get a copy here

You can also watch the short video that I made during the meet and greet here: 

For the unboxing of gifts I received during the meet and greet, you can watch it here: 

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