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Friday, October 6, 2017 Philippines


Many high-end brands have released the high definition foundation or HD foundation. It is my first time to see it from a local brand such as San San, and I am excited to put this San San HD Foundation in Tan to the test!

San San is a brand made by HBC. Since I was a kid, I’ve see HBC in the market so I know that they have amazing products being patronized by consumers up to the present day. 

According to San San, this HDfoundation can give your skin excellent coverage since it is designed for high definition. Besides the great coverage, it also comes with vitamins for a more radiant skin.

The HD foundation comes in a box and glass bottle which makes it look classy. Each bottle contains 30 ml of liquid foundation. The price is around 200php. 

I like that the bottle comes with a pump-like dispenser because it makes it easier for me to control the amount of foundation that I need. 

The liquid foundation is creamy, but since it is too creamy for me, I don’t consider it as lightweight. The texture reminded me of BB creams but with a lasting effect.

The San San HD Foundation in Tan gives a medium to high coverage. It was able to conceal most of my blemishes, even out my skin tone, and make my skin look smooth and flawless. 

Unfortunately, there are limited shades offered by San San and this shade Tan looks a little dark on me. Fret not, because once fully absorbed, I cannot even tell that it is a shade darker on my skin tone. It blended well with my skin. 

The foundation is easy to apply especially when a foundation brush or paddle brush was used. 

I do not need to use a primer because this HD foundation lasts long. It was able to last for 8 hours without the need to re-touch. I needed to use a setting powder though because the liquid foundation is creamy and it felt a little heavy and greasy. It worked well once powder was placed over it. 

I am happy that the product stays true to its high definition claims because it was able to conceal most of my blemishes. Plus, I did not encounter any skin breakouts! Yay! I will definitely buy this product again. 

I recommend this to all the Bellas who want to use an affordable foundation that has great coverage. However, if you have an oily skin, try testing it in their stores first before actually buying. 

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