Happy Skin: Sanrio Express Gel Polish In Red Apples

Tuesday, September 26, 2017 Philippines


Almost everyone that I know (specially kikay girls) loves Hello Kitty and other Sanrio characters! It takes me back to the time that Gift Gate is everyone's favorite shop specially for little girls. All the pinks and cute Sanrio characters that are hard to resist is available there! It is just sad that Gift Gate is not readily available in the Philippines anymore, there are selected shops nationwide. 

I cannot believe though that Sanrio and Hello Kitty is more possible for grown-ups to be used everyday because Happy Skin just released a collaboration of cosmetics line with Sanrio! Check out my post of my haul from this new collection here. (Thank you so much Happy Skin! You just made every kikay girl's dream come true!)

The amazing thing about Happy Skin's nail polishes is that they are Gel without the need for UV lamps. 

Anyway, for this blog post. I am going to share details about their nail polish in shade Red Apples. Please excuse my nails because applying nail polish has NEVER been my forte. LOL. 

Brand: Happy Skin

Type: Nail Polish
Shade: Red Apples

Weight: 11ml

Product Description: 



This nail polish is super shiny when applied that it really looks like a gel polish that used a UV lamp! The great thing about this express gel polish is that you can use it anywhere without the need for UV lamp. 

It contains a 10-free from toxic ingredients formula with Hydrolyzed Keratin to strengthen nails and Almond Oil to nourish them. 

One coating is enough to fully color the nails which means this bottle will last long. 

The 11ml volume of nail polish is more than the usual amount of other nail polish bottles containing usually at least 7 to 8ml of product. 

My hands looked whiter with this shade of red. 

The bristles of the nail polish applicator can cover most areas in one swipe. 


I am not sure if I do not apply it right or the chemicals (hand wash and hand sanitizers) that I use at work (in hospital) is too strong for the nail polish because it decreases the shine on my nail polish after a few days. Also, from the kind of work (opening vials and other stuff) that I do, it starts to chip off after three days. 

*Just a note, this is my experience and it may differ from yours. Remember, I am exposed in a busy environment at work and nail polish is usually not recommended. I just wanted to share my experience about it. :)*


Applying nail polish was NEVER my forte, so please excuse the messy look. LOL!

Buy again? 80% (I would love to but red nail polish is not allowed for work. "Masasayang lang sakin.")

Overall Rating: 4/5

Price: 299php

Where to buy? Happy Skin website, Beauty Bar, Happy Skin stores. 

Thank you for reading and please check out my other nail polish haul from Happy Skin! :)

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